This Made Me Cry…




Dear Mr Putin,

Please learn what the word decorum means to most of the rest of the world.

We don’t care about your religion. We want to see sports. If your little country can’t handle it… well, no point in letting you host the games now is there?

  1. The Olympics Committee should’ve pulled the funds from Russia’s hands as soon as they started spouting their anti-gay crap. Now look at it. Rooms with no light bulbs, beds, or door knobs. Definitely not watching the Olympics this year. I’m not sure under these conditions our athletes will be at their best. Maybe that was the plan all along.

    • When you leave sochi out for too long, it gets smelly

      • Ha ha ha! I see what you did there. Very clever.

        • I’ve been wanting to do that one for weeks now 😉

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