The Past We Need To Keep

We Drink Because We’re Poets  put up a cool post. The picture intrigued me at first, but then the rest of the post got there. It was a prompt to write… so okay, I’m in.

Prompt: What I’m looking for this week is a photo ( from your phone or camera will do), or perhaps a poetic image (maybe even a bit of flash fiction) or drawing, of an “abandoned past”… an old house, a ghost town,  maybe a bicycle on a curb, or some object that attracts your eye as being worth while saving like a wooden cradle.  In a word show me something worth saving.

As it happens there is something that I’d like to see ‘saved’ … the art of making things. What you see below you is the handiwork of my uncle. This hand made toy is about 60+ years old. It is whittled with a pocket knife and the joints carefully crafted. He was not an artist with pencil or paint. His humor shows through though.



It was not long ago
I saw my uncle for the last time

His bowling trophies on display

His anchor tattoo and charm


I cannot tell you he was an angel

He’d probably snort if I did

He didn’t try to save the world

He just lived the life he did


Recounting heroes and gentlemen

is a task best left to those that know them

He was simply a man’s man

of times we call olden


I can’t say I know him like a brother

Nor would I know him save for my mother

He was a man, husband, and brother

Menthol was his smokey flavor


Whatever he might have been or could be

He is a special person to me

Whatever he might have lived and done

He’s part of what I’ve become


His talents might not have changed the world

that we know and live in

But he changed the world

surrounding him


This small toy, a Santa’s treasure

was made for a child

to him a small endeavor

to me an imagination loosed wild

hand made toy circa < 1950

hand made toy circa < 1950

  1. What an interesting photo…and love the poem. I’ll put it up on next week’s Photo Finish, thanks so much for dropping by! 🙂

    • I’m afraid that was just a cell phone photo without much setup… I need some macro glass and light to really highlight the wonderful joints and solid structure… it is truly a thing to behold up close.

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