Think Outside the Abortion Box

If abortion is murder, how should we execute those women who choose abortion for any reason?

Rex Dominguez

I’ve talked to a lot of people about abortion. And they all want to bring up one kind in particular: partial birth or late stage. They always want to focus on the fraction of women who have them done. There are only four doctors who do those now, as Dr. Tiller was shot while attending church in ’09. The main issue with a lot of these women is either their death or the child’s or both, and the many other horrifying possibilities. What happens if your doctor tells you that your child will be born brain-dead? What if your whole family’s destroyed because you had to pay half a million dollars to keep your child alive for a few years, only to watch the baby waste away. People want to wallow in their self-righteous delusions about life, but it’s all hypocrisy because it isn’t right to damn women with hate…

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