I can’t say I know what happens on the insides of a dojo but i do know that if more people were taught this the world would be in a much better place…. in my world the phrase is “own the problem”


TACAMO is something I batter into my juniors: TAke Charge And Move Out.  And I mean batter. It’s something that within my dojo I take credit for, it’s my project. As I see it everyone from me as senior student downwards is a leader, everyone.  Everyone, if no-one else is in charge, is to take charge of the situation and take action and they’re to work on the principle that doing something is better than doing nothing. If you fuck up that’s fine, you were doing more than anyone else. Case in point tonight, I walk out of the bar and there is a woman on the floor, I head over “Has anyone called an ambulance?” I know full well no-one has because I’ve seen this five or six times, the bystander effect is in full operation, everyone is too busy shatting themselves and thinking someone else has done it…

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