A Respone: Resilience In The Face Of Adversity

Another of my comments from elsewhere – read the inspiration post or not

Resiliance in living is something that I learned at about the 7th grade (13 years old).


Resilience in living is something that I learned at about the 7th grade (13 years old).

This year of my life tainted the rest of it, or rather how I think of others via societal relationships.

My resilience stems from knowing even at that age that I walk alone.

Only I will be able to come to my rescue.

Only I can stand up for what I think is right.

I am ultimately responsible for my own happiness.

I remember the moment, the exact moment, when I turned into a man from the boy I was… when all I had learned till then stopped being a lesson I once learned and suddenly, like a stab in the heart, it all became my world view.

I have walked alone ever since.

Take from that what you will but I have a suspicion that when a person finds that epiphany it becomes impossible to do other than walk alone… no matter who still surrounds you in life.

  1. Love this.

    • Thank you…

  2. This is a difficult one to think about. Resiliency. Self-sufficiency, if you will.

    We seem to be social creatures, but in the end we are One. Alone in our thoughts. People often throw around the admonishment of “not dying alone” without realizing that’s exactly what we all do, no matter who is by the bed.

    It’s a sobering thought…

    • It’s a sobering thought…

      When we choose to help others or support a cause, could such a thought help us? In that final moment of ‘walking alone’ will we look at what we have done and be happy with it?

      Forget the threats that a god will judge you. Before he gets a chance you will have judged yourself, perhaps many times over. I’m willing to bet that if I please that first judge any that come after will have to be happy with the adjudication.

      • I never did understand that about the god belief… but then again, that’s a long doctrinal tweaking that any rational thinking person has to go through with a pair of scissors.

        As for that final thought moment, it truly is something we all have to face and answer alone.

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