The Word Is Out To Get Maajid Nawaz

The religion of peace and its millions of adherents, so solid in the doctrines of its holy text, will gladly let itself be lead around by the nose by any shithead who claims authority on behalf of an entire religion.
Does it even matter if there is any truth in their beliefs? Does it matter what a mass murderer truly believes about the supernatural while they are on the loose? I think not… we can ill afford to deal with a clear and present danger simply by arguing about religious belief.

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Mohammed Shafiq (pictured above) is known to play a dangerous game – to whip up hysteria at the drop of a hat or the showing of a t-shirt – that could potentially endanger others. It is irresponsible as it is callous.

See previous post where he made a fatuous claim about Tom Holland’s documentary on Islam, and wrongly claimed Maajid Nawaz (pictured below) had said the veil should be banned when he had said the exact opposite here.


Nawaz tweeting a Jesus and Mo cartoon T-shirt of The Prophet saying “How Ya Doing” the following happened on twitter:



You can disagree with what Nawaz has to say about showing the t-shirt to his followers on social media – having taken part on a BBC programme which showed it (see here).

What you do not get to do is endanger someone; but that is part of Shafiq’s game…

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