Questions EvolutionFalse has Failed to Answer

These are good questions and no matter what your beliefs are, you should rememeber these questions and see if you can find answers for them in your world view.

Believers vs Non-Believers

The following is a list of questions that EvolutionFalse has failed to answer in our chat rooms:

1. How can the claim that “God is good” not be a mere tautology if the “good” is defined in terms of God’s nature?

2. How is the Euthyphro dilemma a “false dichotomy”?

3. What is the (magical) barrier that demarcates “micro-evolution” from “macro-evolution”?

4. How can skeptical theism be an adequate response to the evidential argument from evil since skeptical theism logically entails a commitment to global skepticism?

5. What is an example of an observation that could falsify the hypotheses of an Intelligent Designer, a Special Creator, a Fine-Tuner of the cosmological constants, or of God?

6. If these hypotheses cannot be falsified, how can there be evidence for them?

7. What is the formal argument constituting the “design inference” to the existence of God?

8. What hypothesis is a better…

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