No God To Protect Me

There is also no devil out to get me. All the demons which are supposed to be inside me are in my brain. My thinking and thoughts. These are not demons but simply bad patterns of behavior. I can change those even if I need to get help to do so.

What theists don’t seem to understand is that this whole possession and devil thing remove the value of free will in choosing to be heaven bound. Despite their efforts to get inside the pearly gates, they can be defeated by evil and it is supposedly beyond their control. That’s right. Now ask them what happens to those who were possessed and died before the exorcism? No, they didn’t think that one through as far as I can see.

What is the definition of ‘demonic possession’ then?

The Catholic Church is said to recognize 4 characteristics of demon possession:
1. Knowledge of a language previously unknown by the victim.
2. Knowledge of hidden or secret things.
3. Demonstration of superhuman strength.
4. An aversion to the things of God.
I found hundreds of sites that define possession or influence of evil spirits. No, there is no single definition. Look at this one attributed to Catholicism: Speaking in tongues is right out. Knowing secret things… how would you know someone knows secret things? That’s a mind fuck right there. Superhuman strength? What exactly is that? Humans have some serious strength when adrenaline kicks in. Does that count? An aversion to the things of god… hmmm, guess I must be possessed.
The point is this, there is no definition of what demonic possession is nor it’s effect on the victim. It literally could be anything the church (pick your favorite version) doesn’t agree with. The RCC sends specially trained priests (women can’t do this) to do exorcisms. Yes, only these specially trained people can tell the difference between ‘real’ possession or demonic activity and your ordinary every day crazy. What that amounts to is that one more time the church has the ability to proclaim you as sick or broken and only the church can fix it or heal you. If your nose is working you should be smelling a scam at this point.
Now, back to the title…
If there is no demon to possess me, there is no god to protect me. That sounds logical enough, but is it? Maybe there is a god but no demons. Well, does your religion believe in demons? If so, your god probably isn’t real either.
Maybe there are demons and a god and that god just doesn’t care enough to protect us from demons?
Maybe the god sent the demons to do what they do because he enjoys the show?
The chances that your church believes in a real god drop by 100% if they believe in demonic possession. They believe in not one but two imaginary beings who are supposed to be interfering with your life. How can you have free will with all that bs happening? If there is no free will, what is the point of religion?
There is no devil and all my ‘demons’ are of my own making. Without a devil, what need have I of a god? Perhaps our gods are of our own making too. I think so.
  1. I want the babe in this pic to do evil things to me asap.

    • ahahahahaha

      • Is she a friend of yours? I mean you’re an atheist which makes you a devil, and she appears to be a devil, too. I just figured all evil atheist devils know each other.

        • If I told you it was a selfie, what would you do?

          • I’d be VERY happy.

  2. It’s funny because the RCC accepts evolutionary science, but when it comes to psychiatric science, they persist in their barbaric exorcisms.

    • It’s funny be cause the RCC…
      No matter which of my posts you are commenting on, you could stop with just that one sentence and it will always seem to make sense 😉

  3. “The chances that your church believes in a real god drop by 100% if they believe in demonic possession.”

    Chances for anything can not drop below 0%.

    So churches that do not believe in demonic possession do not experience that 100% drop (to 0%) in the chance that their God is the real God.

    Have you thought that through?

    But really from a rational point of view why do you think it makes much difference to free will if we have both good and evil tempting us? Can you formulate your thought process in a logic format so I can see how it would follow?

    • A person does not choose to be possessed by demons. Logic says that this removes the free will to choose a god. On the other foot, monotheism basically gives you two choices and only two: choose enslavement to the god or be tortured for eternity.

      A fate worse than death is certainly less desirable than eternal enslavement… interesting set of choices.

      Note that there is no choice to simply die, even if we wanted to. Free will in this game is of little merit or value. You spend this life deciding on your eternal fate: torture or slavery and while you’re doing that a demon can take even that diminutive choice away from you.

      It’s that simple.

  4. “A person does not choose to be possessed by demons. Logic says that this removes the free will to choose a god.”

    I don’t know about that. I don’t think anyone has fully explained what happens to the persons will when the demons will possesses their body. My understanding of possession is that the demon’s will takes over the human body not that the demon somehow strong-arms the persons will. I think you might be trying to draw conclusions with certainty well beyond the assumptions you make.

    As for the rest of your post I don’t necessarily agree with the idea that God commands us to love him and our neighbor, therefore we are slaves. But for the sake of argument lets assume you are right. What would a rational person do? Should we be “slaves” and follow God’s command to love our neighbor or should we choose eternal torture. As for me I admit its often hard to love my neighbor but I am going with that over eternal torture.

  1. September 6th, 2014

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