Why I retired from being a #pastor at 45. #Christianity

Talk about keeping it real? This sounds like it just might be that. Those of you who have been reading my words are probably aware that I’m not against personal belief or people wanting to be good. This guy just nailed it… the very impression I get every time I attend a service. It feels like really poorly done public access cable show trying to be Vegas imitation entertainment all the while barely hiding the fact that they’re running a telethon to support the pastor’s kids.

i-quitWhen people ask me if I’m still a pastor I tell them that I am retired, because that usually ends the conversation.  If I say that I quit then there is always the follow-up questions, which is accompanied with a very concerned look.  The truth is that I did indeed quit, but it isn’t for the reasons you may think.  I didn’t lose my faith, deny Christ, and begin snorting cocaine off the belly of a hooker.  And I’m not going on a tour or writing a book about going from God to godless.  I still love the teachings of Jesus, and I still pray although at times I do question if someone is actually listening.

I quit being a pastor because I began to realize the church was quickly becoming a business, and a form of entertainment for people.  And don’t get me wrong, I think a good church…

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