Belief in the Supernatural Gone Wild: Snake Handling

It’s a fucking shame we can’t nominate these ‘individuals’ for the Darwin awards but then the awards would rise to a new level of skill and style that just doesn’t exist elsewhere at such a confoundingly steady pace.

Captivating the Masses

If there is any one aspect of supernatural belief that is completely nuts, it has to be the practice of handling snakes to test one’s faith.

Snake Handler 1

During my magical thinking days I might have thought I’d seen a ghost, or had a moment of déjà vu that made me believe in some angelic force, or supposedly had a premonitory dream, or even maybe I prayed and thought that prayer came true in some sense; but never could my disposition for the supernatural prompt me to test what I believe, in the face of poisonous snakes.

Snake Handler 2

According to the Wiki page, Snake Handling seems to be an American phenomenon, originating in the Appalachian Mountains. The page tells us, not surprisingly, that the practice is derived from passages from the New Testament.

And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with…

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