Something New For A Change… A Challenge

Can someone please show me a case in the last few months of child sexual abuse / assault that does not involve a priest, pastor, or some religion related individual?

    • preacherontheweb
    • January 1st, 2014

    Every Day in this country (South Africa) we have at least 5 or 6 cases of child abuse unfortunately.
    The sick monstors that perpetrate these crimes are not clergy or pastors, they are the normal man in the street.

    On the odd occasion we do get a pastor or priest who does something bad but they are only about 0.3 % of the problem.

    I believe your stats are totally out


    • Good, there’s a report from one country…. still waiting for more reports. Are those ‘man on the street’ more likely to be atheist or believers in some religion or other?

    • Preacher, I didn’t quote any statistics. I simply asked a question. Do you not think there is something wrong when you can admit that any part of the problem is sourced from clergy?

    • On the odd occasion we do get a pastor or priest who does something bad but they are only about 0.3 % of the problem.

      And you’re pulling this stat from where exactly?

      Please cite your source or it remains another empty, tired, but time-tested hand-waving assertion of the kind, “Nothing to see here, folks. Really. No problem at all. Same old, same old. Now be good little folk and just move along and believe what we tell you to believe…).

  1. I don’t know about South Africa, but in the States and in Western Europe, Ireland even for Christ sake, priests, Catholic priests predominantly, have become so synonymous with the term, little boy rapist, that in a few more years, no one will be able to distinguish one from the other.

    • You mean members of the mafia commit crimes? Shocking. You mean representatives of a transnational pedophilia organization commit child sexual abuse and rape? Shocking.

      The only shocking news here is that some people are still shocked.

      • I’m shocked that you’d say that. Totally shocked. Mafia members commit crimes? You know, child rape isn’t one of them. I gotta say there Catholics, you sick fuckers win the award for repeatedly committing one of worst crimes imaginable and no one gives a fuck. Well, at least the children are safe.

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