Holy Crap! The Pope Is Dead!

Naw, just kidding but I wanted to get your attention.

I rarely do this, but for this one I think I need your attention. Not that I think many of my posts will make much sense if you are not paying attention. Anyway, I have found what I think is a great writer. Not all styles of writing or observation on life are the same, certainly few can hold a candle to the celebrity of Ailin la Rocca

My vote for the next female celebrity of the 24 hour e! News cycle is Miss la Rocca.

Shining is one of her many talents, and she has many. It will not take you long to realize that her personal tastes are the stuff the top 10 lists are made of, or wish they were made of. I don’t offer this invitation to read her glorious words simply to make your life seem dull and dreary in comparison, rather I offer you the chance to see regal glory introducing itself to the Internet stage.

Her talents are too many for simply one blog, so check them all (not pretty pink cute). Do not imagine that you are good enough to view one of her posts and understand her. No, for mere mortals it takes several to see the beauty in her thematic countenance.

You’re welcome

Yeah, I did that too.

  1. You grabbed my attention with that title. I will pay her a visit some time later

    • I thought that might work LOL

      • It did work, quite well at that

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