Massive global push to criminalize all dissent against Islam officially begins

yes, the reilgion of peace has a political lobby, because, you know, religion and faith are a must for the law of all nations. Just writing that makes my head hurt.

Believers vs Non-Believers

In yet another openly hostile, in-your-face act of intimidation against anyone who dares to disagree with the “Religion of Peace,” 57 Muslim countries around the world are now coming together to pressure Western countries into silencing and prosecuting any and all criticism of Islam as a “hate crime.”

As Investor’s Business Daily explains, it is all happening under the banner of a Saudi-based group called the “Organization of Islamic Cooperation,” which released its 94-page document on “Islamophobia” (noticing Islamic violence is fear-based bigotry) in recent weeks.

If this calculated attempt to obliterate all dissent has its way, it will officially become a felony in the U.S. and Europe for citizens to even suggest “that Muslims are inclined to violence” or that “Islam is an inherently expansionist religion.”

Never mind the fact that huge portions of Muslims in countries all around the world admittedly believe adulterers and non-believers…

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  1. People have rights; religions don’t.

  2. And this is the inevitable result, where the rights of the individual are suppressed in the name of religion. It’s real, it causes real harm to real people in real life and it is a despicable rejection of the very foundational principle upon which all enlightenment values stand.

    Islam in particular is a pernicious religion that is an incompatible belief system with individual rights. Some muslims may reach an uneasy and temporary cease fire with secularism but the state of war is ever present. It’s just that complex and just that simple. Those who believe islam can coexist peacefully with and respect for universal equality rights of the individual are deluded, and acting on this delusion in the name of tolerance is a very great danger to us all because it is an allied position only of islam.

    • Very well said. I’m afraid I’d not have been so relaxed about it in my speech. USAians found the sound bite ‘they’re jealous of our freedoms’ to be useful but the truth is that they are afraid of them exactly because those freedoms destroy Islam as they are completely opposite what Islam is.

      • Well, certainly many muslims in muslim tyrannies very much want the freedoms the West enjoys but seem incapable of understanding and accepting that such freedoms are based (as they must be) on individual – and not religious, god-sanctioned, cleric approved – legal rights. When I review PEW stats on polling from these countries, we can clearly see that individual legal rights are not accepted if they offer any resistance whatsoever to koranic instructions. This is why the Arab Spring was doomed to failure… because the people support the superiority of the koran first and foremost. And it is this source that is unquestionably in conflict with respecting individual legal autonomy. You cannot have both individual legal autonomy and respect for the koran’s teachings. There is no middle ground… no matter how much mewling and grovelling before the alter of tolerance people wish to spend while blaming those of us who point out this incompatibility as haters and bigots and racists.

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