Love as a Decoy and Ducks as a Many-Layered Narrative

If it walks and quacks like a duck it’s probably a republican right-wing moral majority bigot… errrrr, okay, just for yourself.


phil-robertson-getty-gospel-according-to-phil-gq-magazineIf I does it, I get a whippin’.

I does it!

At least I should get a whippin’ for posting about this already tired story, but what the duck! I have a few words to tap out over Phil Robertson’s interview with GQ Magazine.

For me, the most striking thing about the recent dust-up over the Duck Dynasty star is a recurrent theme of decoys and deceptions, perhaps even self-deception. In the GQ article, the author’s (Drew Magary) focuses on one prominent theme about the show itself, the role of Duck Dynasty in a message of redemption. That message begins (at least chronologically) with Phil Robertson’s own transformation from an drunken, abusive, and neglectful husband and father to an upstanding head of a household filled righteous dignity. The message will end, so we are told when Duck Dynasty has run its course and Phil is free to make his…

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