How To Know You Have A Good Life?

One way to know that you have a good life is when people nearly unanimously think that you are a hard person to buy gifts for. Think about it for a minute, you’ll understand. I have a good life, and I hope that you too are a person that is hard to buy gifts for.

  1. I don’t know if I have a good life – but ‘things’ don’t make it any better. A lovely walk in the country on a clear day, time spent making new life bloom in my garden, a few minutes playing with my dog or cats, or even falling asleep on the couch watching TV (oh I love to sleep to the telly). Those are things that can’t be bought, and I adore them all!

    • They say that money can’t buy happiness but I think the whole thing is messes up. It’s not happiness that we truly seek but contentedness. You can buy happiness in small chunks but it seldom leads to contentment, the real goal. If you have found contentment, then you are rich beyond your needs.

      • If I didn’t have a home, or a lovely huge couch, or a tv – all products of money – I couldn’t enjoy being snuggled up with both cats having a wonderful tri-cornered-nap. I guess it does make a difference. I’d hate to be snuggling up under cardboard right now. And it’s not as if I haven’t been dammed close to that in my life.

        • I hold that you can buy happiness in chuncks, but contentment… that has no price tag

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