Think About It For A Minute …

Think for a minute about the single minded consumption that the god of Abraham demands.

  • Kill your child – Genesis 22 and Judges 11
  • Cut your genitals off – all over the Old Testament
  • Sacrifice your Wealth – Matthew 19:24
  • Sacrifice your family and belongings – Job

These are just the tip of the iceberg here. The idea here is that to be a good follower or worshiper of YHWH you must be fully consumed by single minded obedience and dedication to winning a slave’s life for eternity at his feet. Do any evil asked of you, even to the ones you love and care for, so that you can spend eternity in paradise.

Is there a more self centered and selfish act of evil ever known in the history of humanity than to murder your own child in the name of a faceless god and the pursuit of a better next life?

Perhaps your sect does not promote such behavior but if you’re a christian adherent this is what your god asks of you… that you be so selfishly focused on obedience that you would commit any kind of atrocity in pursuit of your god’s love for eternity… that you be willing to trade your dignity and self worth to gain a ticket to heaven.

You can claim ‘new covenant’ all you want. Your unchanging god is the very Jesus christians worship and at once is he the very god who demands such evil be present in you.


  1. The christian would like to pretend that their god becomes better in the NT. It doesn’t. Human sacrifice is still the modus operandi

    • Actually, if you think it through, nothing gets better in the NT, it gets worse. Hell is invented, the rapture, Armageddon, slavery is condoned, and the concept of faith alone as ticket to heaven (get out of jail free card)… neither portion of the christian holy text is what can be termed wholesome and full of goodness. It’s vile delusion from cover to cover.

      Don’t worry, islam is no better off. In fact all three of the big monotheistic delusions are full of dangerous thoughts.

      • Of course, in the NT even trees are not spared! The top character says he has not come to change the law but as a fulfillment of the law

        • I think in the OT the satan was just warming up. His best work was in the NT… LOL

          • In this case when you satan- you mean god? I can think of no other worse person in the bible than its god

            • I see no reason or logic to think they are not two faces of the same idea… no need for two deities when one will do

              • Agreed. No need whatsoever

  2. Thinking about it, i’ve never heard a Christian offer up an explanation as to how the god of Tanakh underwent a personality change.

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