Pastor stabs wife over refusal to go to church

Yes, religion brings peace to the world. It’s a force for good in the world… or these would be true if religion didn’t attract so many complete fuckwit nutjobs. If the act of going to baseball games attracted so many blood thirsty and felonous individuals they would make baseball illegal… or more likely use it to profile likely felons. Hey, now there’s an idea….

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Men of Ogun State Police
command have arrested a-45-year-old man,
pastor Daniel Samuel for stabbing his wife over
the later refusal to attend church activities.
Daniel , an Apostolic Church pastor was
reported to have used a cutlass to inflict a deep
cut on his wife, Patient Samuel in her neck in
Owode-Egba in Ibafemi Owode local
government area of Ogun State.
Vanguard gathered that, the offence of the 42 –
year -old wife of the Pastor was because she
gave preference to her work over the church
It was further gathered that, shortly after the
man attacked his wife with cutlass, he alerted
the neighbours that his wife has been
matcheted by some unknown men , urging the
people to help him take his wife to hospital.

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  1. … and consider those who didn’t go to such baseball games of dubious moral character…

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