Insane and Hilarious: One Man vs the Police (4:20)

this is hilarious

  1. This is not hilarious … it shows the misery of our current society. For the most part, what happens? A person in a silly costume runs by and does something inconsequential, like patting a cop on the butt or kicking a soccer ball. This is Europe: they still chase him down and beat the shit out of him. The fact that most cops have no sense of humor is minor. They constantly do things that are illegal, as he points out, but they know they can get away with it. I have known a few cops who do not have this Nazi mentality, but not many.

    • Before we marched headlong to a police state, this kind of thing was absolutely hilarious because it is a poke at those who support police state decorum. It’s still hilarious… miscreant dressed in funny costumes… very funny. It’s like putting a young child on Santa’s lap for a photo and watching the kid try repelling using his beard…

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