What Is The Opposite Of Artificial Intelligence?

One might say that the opposite would be ‘not artificial intelligence’ but what is that?

MW says: the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior

On a lighter note, we already have non-artificial-intelligence in computers now. Computers today are not able to imitate intelligent human behavior. Of course, neither are a substantial number of humans.

I’d think that a definition, like blue or not blue, has an opposite but there are a few things that seem to defy that model. Artificial intelligence as a defining point is a very low bar as defined by Merriam-Webster’s. That’s like aiming for an awesome car and stopping with one that can imitate the functions of a Ford Model T. Sadly I don’t have a wonderfully tested definition of it and the thought of that is what prompts this post.

What specific human behavior must AI imitate to be, well, to be AI? Walk the dog? File tax forms? What about the simple task of a trip to the grocery store?

It turns out that many common tasks and behaviors of humans are incredibly complex, involving many calculations of trivially interdependent variables. What I mean is that to do the shopping your average person might think “oh, this weekend is the big game so I’ll want some beer and pretzels, but wait, I’ll probably have J over to watch and his girlfriend is picky, so better get the lime flavor stuff.

Now, for a computer to do this takes a huge pool of information and related data objects, but related only in the mind of the person doing that shopping trip, on that day, at that time of the year. It might be that any other game would not interest the shopper and your standard beer would be fine or no beer at all. The trick is not to be able to compare lists because comparing lists does not include the probability of a picky guest or many other incidental facts. From a pure list standpoint, who cares of she is picky? It is only when the computer models the real world from known facts and historical precedent that the shopper can conclude that the lime beer stuff is the best choice today.

I conclude that imitation is not enough. AI must replicate or better the process of modelling the world around us in order to imitate human behaviors in order to be intelligent.

I might, of course, be wrong… but I think that is a better definition. At least it has a measurably good goal. There are a lot of human behaviors I would not want to imitate. We can look at the http://www.darwinawards.com/darwin/ to see why.

  1. The opposite of intelligence is stupidity. Artificial stupidity?
    A heuristic program, a learning program, may hold hope of simulating human intelligence someday. A learning robot with a very fast CPU would be the artificial equivalent of a learning child.

    • they are trying that now… but nobody is thinking they can invent AI with imagination…

  2. You’re still about; excellent. My febrile imagination had led me to all sorts of worries due to your relative silence. Decided you were: a) not well; b) pissed off with me for some reason; c) away somewhere wonderful; or d) having difficulty raising bail.

    • LOLOLOLOL a,c, and d have all been options at times but this time it was (and usually is) option e) too damn busy with work to remember to empty my bladder. They who cannot be named have taken it upon themselves to force me into the public a few times per month so that I do not spend the entirety of spring affixed to a keyboard staring at gobbledygook on the screen.

      To wit I can now take cheddar burger (extra well done) with champagne mustard off of my bucket list as well as savoring the delicacy that is known ’round here as Rahr and Son’s scottish style ale.

      Other than that I can tell you much more than you would like to know about virtual web servers, web frameworks, database integrity and replication and what 50 million records looks like at reconciliation time.

  3. Ignorance is bliss, and will probably lead to much scifi about AI for years to come.

    I think many people are totally taken in by movies like AI, Bicentennial Man and other movies where the robot just leans stuff, and as if by magic, suddenly has real emotions just like ours. In my view, that is never going to happen, and AI is nothing more than a romantic scifi concept. A dream that will never happen in the real world.

    • Congrats on the visits…
      The sentiments you express here I agree with to some level but I do not think it impossible for AI as shown in movies to exist. It’s just not possible yet. That’s not wishful thinking as it might sound. We are still figuring out what a thought is… when the notion of what a thought is becomes mainstream it will change AI research and end up with success. I am hopeful of this. Many human problems are tied up with the fact that we don’t know what a thought is. When we do those problems will be solvable too. That’s the theory I am working with.

    • Argus
    • April 11th, 2014

    Drenn beat me to it~! Bummer … but there’s no market for artificial stupidity anyway, we have all the natural stuff gratis.

    Perhaps the true test of AI is if the A comes up with a religion, off it’s own bat (wait, hear me out first, dammit) AND another A comes up with the rebuttals.

    First A = predictable (as in “It had to happen”), but
    Second A = intelligent (enough to get my vote).

    • I like that definition!

    • Argus
    • April 11th, 2014

    Movie robots being intelligent? I think ol’ HAL in ‘2001’ is every bit intelligent enough to qualify for the US marines …

    • and some senate seats!

  4. Coffee and poached eggs on toast in bed would be a good measuring stick to start with. 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by. Poached eggs and coffee mmmmmmmmmm good choice.

  5. I am glad to have discovered your blog. Love your thoughts. Jack

    • Thank you. I hope to keep it up and that you continue to enjoy it.

  6. Nice – food for thought. Here’s my very brief foray, into the subject.

    • Thanks for commenting. I missed this first time around. I’m completely amazed at the amount of views this post continues to get over a very long time. Off to read your link… thanks again

  7. Rather the same challenge as trying to determine what “is” is ! Thanks for following my blog …

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