Perspectives On Being Rich…

Think you’re poor? Try this website:

All of the top 1% are looking at it to see if they made it on the list. Did you?

  1. This has just brought a new perspective into the picture! I must say I feel a little richer than I felt yesterday

    • lanceleuven
    • December 10th, 2013

    Wow, that was really a shock. I knew it would be higher than I might assume, but I wasn’t prepared for that. That has given me some food for thought…

    • Yeah, I had a shock too when I did it and I know that I live much better than most of the world. ouch!

    • Brought to you by quasi-free-market capitalism and a lot of human thought: Wealth is Created by Action Based on Rational Thought.

  2. I am not angry at the rich , but I deal with these people on a daily basis, okay so I only make 60k a year depending on how good sales are, but I am treated like trash, I am below them.

    I have a good life, a nice house two cars, an awesome wife and slave. I have zero drama all my bills are paid.

    I would say I have it much better than they do.

    Money does not make a home , nor can it keep one together

    • This is so very true. There is a difference between satiated and content. The latter is more filling.

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