Just Let Me Think What I Want!!

When something makes sense, it just makes sense…. know what I mean?

The AntiTheist

 Recently  a powerful revelation came to me. I have comprehended a truth which has entirely changed my outlook on life. The blinding simplicity of it still shocks me. How I could have lived as long as I have, experienced all that I have and never opened myself up to the simple elegant reality I will never know. All that I do  know is that I repent my ignorance absolutely and declare with joy and conviction that I have seen the light. I accept in my heart that 2+2=5!!

I know that some of you will have trouble accepting this wonderful truth. I myself struggled with it,  blinded as I was by my closed mind and the limiting constraints of “reason” and “evidence” but I have come to see that we do not need to be tied by the narrow “scientific” perception of mathematics. We can choose to accept alternative arithmetical systems and free…

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    • Matthew Chiglinsky
    • December 6th, 2013

    Do you have any original ideas or do you just reblog other people’s creativity?

    • Lets have a look at the comment policy on your blog, shall we?

      Comment Policy

      I disabled comments on this blog after finding that it was mostly people who disagreed who were motivated enough to write anything back, which would have introduced a bias in the opposite way that I intended (my own).

      Also, I have a lot of unconventional ideas, which makes me an easy target, and it would take a lot of time out of my day to argue with everyone who disagrees with me. If I want a differing (mainstream) point of view, I’ll turn on the TV or do a web search myself.

      So, if you feel the need to vent your frustration and insert your own ideas into the universal unconscious, then I recommend you either (a) start your own blog, (b) post to some social-media web site, or (c) post to an old-fashioned message board.

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