God hates facts

When I see just the right amount of angry in a post, I get all gushy inside. Enjoy!

Riffing Religion

While most of the rest of the country gradually moves towards equality on the gay marriage issue, Indiana is resolutely planting its feet in the past. There’s a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage headed for a vote some time in November 2014. Why, you ask? How could Indiana be this backwards when their neighbor Illinois just decided to join the 21st century and legalize gay marriage? The answer is simple. It’s because of assholes like this guy:

Gay marriage would violate God’s laws

You say that like it fucking matters. Yet God doesn’t seem to give a fuck about people violating his oh-so-sacred laws. Adultery is supposedly against his laws, yet it’s legal in all 50 states, and he hasn’t done jack shit about it. Did it ever occur to you that maybe he just doesn’t care about you or any other glorified primate on this planet?

In Sunday’s…

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    • Matthew Chiglinsky
    • December 6th, 2013

    Fact: ejaculating into another man’s rectum will not produce a baby.
    Fact: licking another woman’s clitoris will not produce a baby.

    Atheists lie too.

    Marriage is about sex. Sex is about reproduction. Gay marriage is an oxymoron.

    • Lets have a look at the comment policy on your blog, shall we?

      Comment Policy

      I disabled comments on this blog after finding that it was mostly people who disagreed who were motivated enough to write anything back, which would have introduced a bias in the opposite way that I intended (my own).

      Also, I have a lot of unconventional ideas, which makes me an easy target, and it would take a lot of time out of my day to argue with everyone who disagrees with me. If I want a differing (mainstream) point of view, I’ll turn on the TV or do a web search myself.

      So, if you feel the need to vent your frustration and insert your own ideas into the universal unconscious, then I recommend you either (a) start your own blog, (b) post to some social-media web site, or (c) post to an old-fashioned message board.

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