All Your Thoughts, Dreams, And Fears …

are but bits and bytes in the simulation. Never shall they themselves echo in the universe or wander the seemingly empty voids of existence. No, they are forever locked inside your head and there they will comfortably stay till you unlock the passage and loose them on the unsuspecting world around you. Nay, they will not escape and infiltrate the universe on their own, they cannot. The cold, harsh, uncaring universe would best like them kept locked in your mind… should it ever begin to think on its own.

Just random fluctuations of chemicals and electricity, chemistry in action… meaningless to the entirety of existence while confined to the bits of matter between your ears. They say you can’t kill an idea, but you can. An idea without expression is still-born, in a manner of speaking.

Should we paint everything with green and orange giraffes? Not hardly, but you’re getting the idea. Combine known items with items not usually associated with them – now you have some thoughts. Consider further how this combination would interact with other items in the known existence and you have more complete thoughts. If one of the possible interactions leads to a result you do not or will not like, you have a fear … or maybe many of them. Combine them in a way that leads to desired consequences and you have a plan. If that desired consequence is seemingly unlikely, you have a dream or a hope. If someone comes along and acts in a way that disturbs your connection chains from now to a desire result, you have anger.

Wait, are you saying that I/we can be separate from our anger and hopes etc.?

Yes, I am.

But wouldn’t that make us dispassionate and distant?

Yes, yes it would.

That’s bad right? It’s not good to not have feelings, right?

I guess that depends on how painful your feelings are. When you are torn with grief, would you rather be dispassionate, or would you rather walk around inside that pain and suffering?

Wait, can’t I just be sad? Does it have to be painful?

Well, if you want your emotions to function the way that evolution designed them, yes, it has to be painful. Really, I mean it has to be painful. If we did not feel pain at the loss of our in-group we would not have survived. That is why it is thought strange or even sinister if one does not grieve the loss of their in-group.

Wait, are you saying that emotions are just chemical reactions to bits of information?

Yes, I am. The simulator running in your head releases chemicals based on the electrochemical reaction of bits of data in your brain. So, with some stimulus your brain floods your body with hormones and with other stimulus it floods your body with depressants. The loss of a loved one causes actual pain to be felt. It’s just bits of data in your brain, but you ‘feel’ it just the same… not because there is physical damage, but because there is chemical alteration to the sensors which normally indicate damage.

Did you just say that my body produces falsified physical feelings based on electrochemical actions in my brain?

Yes, yes I did. How does that make you feel? (I’ll be here all week)

Okay… I don’t understand, how does my brain do this magic stuff?

Electricity and chemical reactions. In short, biology. Chemistry becomes biology when the interactions become coherent over time and across reproductive cycles.

Wait, this is about sex too? I’m pro-life, I don’t have coherent reproductive cycles or whatever you call it.



Stay tuned readers… How is the next stop. ‘What is a thought’ is the end of the line, all passengers must change destinations at the end of the line.

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