Giving Thanks… No Thanks

Yeah, I realize that this is exactly the wrong moment to do that title, or so it seems. Let me try to explain before you click on the imaginary down vote button.

I read tonight where the apathetic theist wrote about being small and thankful… and that kind of twists me up inside along with some other things I think are wrong.

They wrote:

While the sheer immeasurable nature of the universe makes me feel quite small, it also makes me marvel at its wonder. My wonder is also multiplied by my belief that the universe has no maker, that it happened by chance.  The fact that my birth came about through a series of chances that have been happening over billions of years is far more breathtaking than if someone had planned it all. When I feel insignificant and lonely, I remind myself that the chances of my ever coming to exist were almost nil, and translate this knowledge into the charge that  I must make the most of every day.

First, lets deal with the thanks and giving and stuff.

  • I did not ask to be here
  • If I had, I would have asked to be a bit more affluent
  • I would have asked for a planet that is not full of people trying to prove they only recently climbed down out of the trees
  • I would have asked for a better body, one not prone to so many ailments and such a short mean time to failure
  • I would have asked for a lot of things I did not get
  • In fact, I didn’t get much at all… beating heart, breathing lungs and half a chance at survival. Most pond scum get about that much.

This point of the year when people talk about what they’re thankful for sort of irritates me. They don’t seem to willing to go share that wonderment with anyone that would be thankful for a cold turkey sandwich or even some left over mashed potatoes.

If you want to tell me you’re thankful for things in your life… just don’t fucking do it. Go online to a charitable web site and donate some of that stuff you’re thankful for. I don’t want to hear about your damned blessing. I only want to hear that the world is better off next month than it is this month… then we can all be thankful for something together.

Now, that thing that twists me up. It’s the idea that non-believers have to imitate believers in ill-perceived notions of well being.

Making the most of every day

Making the most of every day!!

The idea that I have to make the most of every day because I don’t believe in a deity is complete hogwash. Let’s face it, nobody makes the MOST of every day. Day after dreary day passes and we barely make a dent in our personal debt or world hunger. Life sucks. Get used to it. Your shitty neighbor is still going to be shitty tomorrow. This is how life is. Thinking you can and SHOULD make the most of every day is a very limiting statement when you put the constraints of real life  on it. I do not have to be happy all the time or find the love of my life or a true vocation. All I have to do is … well, nothing. Not even surviving is a have-to-do thing.

Gratefulness or thankfulness is an emotion. Emotions are hardly what you should base the judgement of your life’s effort on. That I feel awe or inspiration is neither here nor there. I am not bound by any law in the universe to feel these things. Non-believers like to compare and say they feel the same things as believers claim to feel. The trouble is that even believers don’t feel those things, not all the time. Life is not how we like to describe it. There is no one-size-fits-all emotion set we need to have. Fuck, if you are depressed, live in it for a bit, figure out why, get help if you need, move on. There is no shame in it. It just is.

The USA is a highly religious place. More than 70% of USAians claim to be religious and still there is a 50% divorce rate. Do you think all those people are happy? As much as 50% of the adult population are living unhappy lives. I call bullshit on this religious bit where you’re supposed to have happiness and peace. Their deity doesn’t give it to them and there is no value or basis for claiming that it is what you get with religion or what you should have in life. Clearly the statistics show us that this is not so.

No, no sir. I don’t try to make the most of every day… instead, I simply try not to waste any day. Some days the best you can do is grab a beverage, sit comfortably, and watch the ants crawl up the wall while trying to relax and not die from stress. Fuck it, some days that’s all there is. I don’t try to make the most of every day I have in this life. I didn’t choose it, but sometimes, the ride is pretty good so I endure the parts that are not. I’m never going to claim that I’m making the most out of every day… that sounds like an incredibly tiring amount of work.

  1. It does sound a bit… woo? to insist that every moment is sacred. What about when you’ve got the sh*ts or a bit of popcorn stuck in your teeth or your car is making a funny, expensive-sounding noise? If anyone anywhere is thankful about that sort of stuff, they need to share their pills with the rest of us.

    • Thanks for commenting

  2. Absolutely agree with you except I don’t want their pills. I like life just as it is. Heaven sounds boring as hell… ba dum ba
    I don’t want a life of no pain… and to be happy all the fucking time… gah. Moderation in all things, so they say… even happiness

  3. I’ve always disliked the “make the most of” talk as well. It’s a lot of pressure, which I think only seems to lead to depression.

    • It’s simply an unrealistic view of life… and I reject that.

  4. Sounds like a creed from that percentage of society, that while trying to have such an open mind, they let their brains fall out.

    Yes the universe is stunningly vast, yes it makes one feel quite puny when you stop long enough to look up, yes it is a worthwhile moment to ponder these things. But to try and mish mash that experience with “making the best of every moment” is akin to woo. Might as well be awed with astrology, or deeply impressed with Chopra quantumness.

    I do feel though that there are moments in life, where it is best to try and make the best of things, however it is due to materialistic values, and not some pie in the sky wishfull thinking crap. I like your reference to “not” wasting a day. I feel like if I can accomplish just one constructive task every day, I have at least done something. Some days are filled to the brim with these things, some days not so much, and some days can go to hell.

    • Clearly you understand the inspiration for my post. Thanks for commenting.

  1. December 1st, 2013

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