She Said…

The coffee was good, cappuccino is coffee, right?

She said the sky was too grey, it pulls the life out of her. - 350 × 250

I asked about the weekend. Were there any plans. She laughed in a kind, but annoyed sort of way.

As she chewed a chocolate, rather cow like, I couldn’t help but notice the poised way she held herself – the chair seeming an afterthought.

She said, with chocolate breath, “I want to see that new movie” and motioned with her hands as if this was telling me which movie she meant … I said I know the one

I asked if she had a date? She said “There are no takers yet” with a sardonic smile and a slight eye roll.

I wondered to myself, what her life must be like. could she really be just ordinary? Who knows?

Just as I thought I could take her maybe to see the movie she asked to take a puff of my cigarette.

Handing it to her across the table, I noticed a slight weariness in her poise.

I looked into her eyes as she inhaled carefully and asked if she was ok?

Yes, she said, I just don’t like to smoke in public. She went on to explain that she is a tour guide.

I joked that she could show me around and her face lifted a bit. The smile walked across her face like a sunrise.

Sure, she said. We can visit all the best places.

I said “I’m going to see the Vatican in 20 minutes” and gave her an inviting look.

At first she did a double take, then pointed at her chest with both hands and asked “me, me go to the Vatican?” Her smile widening.

“Sure” I said, “it’ll be a laugh”

“okay” she said “but I want to have a full cigarette first”

I laid the pack on the table and dove back into the coffee with some relish. She talked for 20 minutes about Vatican stories, continuing as we walked the ages old pavement leading us there.




I’m not so sure about my writing sometimes. If you would like me to finish this short story, please comment. If I get enough I’ll finish writing it down.

  1. I’m interested!

    • Thanks for commenting… looks like there might be enough interest to finish it

  2. I think you should finish it if YOU are interested in finishing it, to be honest. Writing, more than anything, should be a release for the writer. You should finish it if you want to, and post it. Screw whether or not there’s interest. ^_~

    • On this blog, I generally don’t write fictions…. but there seems to be some interest… 😉

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