Just A Thought About Fear

As you lay there trying to enjoy your last breath in life, when you ask how you could have done things better I hope you remember this:

Stop living in fear! Seriously, just stop it.

Stop fearing whether you will fit in.

Stop fearing if you will not be liked.

Stop fearing that others will not like your clothes, laugh, jokes, ideas… your whatever

Stop fearing god, stop fearing hell

Stop fearing these things you have no control of. If fearing them would do you any good you would have control of them. The only thing you can control is how you feel or react. Work on that part and the fear will take care of itself…. generally by leaving to go somewhere else.

We fear doing things we are unsure of. We fear new things. We fear what we don’t know, who we don’t know. We fear so much that it really does end up defining how we live but living in fear really isn’t living at all, now is it?

They say that it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all. I say that it is better to live without fear and die young than to have lived a very long life of fear….

What will you stop fearing this week?



  1. I agree with that maxim. To live in fear is to die several times before one actually dies.
    You have away for long, you well?

    • Thanks. I’ve been trying to wrap up a project only to run into 2 more… to busy to be tired. Sadly, to busy to think/write much also… sigh

      • Ah good good. Do what you must mate. It’s always good reading your posts

  2. I will stop fearing the future…

    Until finals arrive.

    • LOL, don’t even fear it then… grades do not determine our success in life, we do. Ask someone who has no degree and makes a good living despite the lack of any grade.

  3. Spot on – when I was little and scared of the dark, I realised that I was the scariest thing outside at night and that ended that.
    When I was a bullied teen, I stopped caring what everyone thought and did my own weird thing, and it was such a relief.
    When I was in my 20’s, I fell HARD on ice and was mortified. Then I realised I was the only one who really cared. Sure we’ve seen people fall, and we laugh (or not). But the only person who remembers that one fall 20 years later is the one who fell. That let me not give a shite about accidental embarrassments, too.

    I’m still kinda scared of heights, tho 🙂

    • Thanks for commenting. Good for you, learning not to fear early in life. There is some value to fearing things that can kill you if you don’t live that fear every moment…

      • I grew up with snakes, guns, and the like- no need to fear them if properly educated. But people? Always a challenge!

        • Definitely… people are not the predictable automatons that we’re told they would be if there is no deity and free choice.

          • It never occurred to me that people were like that. I’m baffled and sickened both by realising, and seeing, that for some this is a real opinion of human nature.

    • talesfromthelou
    • November 23rd, 2013

    I was afraid to hit the like button…


  4. I will stop fearing what others think of me. Stop fearing the future. Stop fearing my past.

    • Thanks for commenting. That’s awesome. Less fear in the world means less waste, less of the day to day tyrannies.

      • 🙂

  5. This is so true. To add, fear can in fact be a dangerous thing. When one is fearful, one gets exploited easily. Fear prevents justice from being done. Fear also leads to violence and suffering.

    • Fear is definitely a bad thing 😉 Thanks for commenting

    • Argus
    • November 29th, 2013

    Aaaah … the answer to all questions! A pity we can’t pass it on—fortunes would be lost and made.

    Until then it’s all conjecture (some of it based on observations).

    • Perhaps it can be passed on… we passed on the fear to the children of our society, we can pass on ‘no fear’ too

    • Argus
    • November 29th, 2013

    ‘Like’ button not working. I get that a lot … so please accept this comment as a ‘like’ …

      • Argus
      • November 29th, 2013

      Hah! This time the button did … I can’t explain it either …

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