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A fewSunday morning groaners…. pun intended..

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The Fundraising Problems Of Father Murphy

Father Murphy was a priest in a very poor parish.  He asked for suggestions about how to raise money for his church.  He was told that racehorses made money for their owners, so he went to a horse auction, but he made a very poor buy.  The horse he bought turned out to be a “Donkey.”

However, he thought he might as well enter the donkey in a race.  The donkey came in third, and the next morning, the headline in the paper read,

“Father Murphy’s Ass Shows”

The Archbishop saw the paper, and was displeased.  The next day, the donkey came in first, and the headline read,

“Father Murphy’s Ass Out In Front.”

The Archbishop was up in arms, and figured something had to be done.  Father Murphy had entered the donkey in a third race, and it came in second.  Now the headline…

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  1. Thanx for the reblog and exposure.
    I hope it’s regional language usage, and not Alzheimer’s, but I don’t see the relation between “Sunday morning groaners” and “pun intended.” If I groaned about having to get up early Sunday morning to attend church, would I see the light? 😕

    • It’s my quirky sense of humor… there are a couple ways to see groaner as a pun, so I simply assert it was on purpose 😉 though it was not.

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