What Is The Meaning Of Life?

It’s a catchy title and an even more intriguing question.

I’m going to post on this topic but I wanted to see if any of my readers would like to comment before hand.


Please comment, let us know what the meaning of life is.

  1. The meaning of life is……

    I will come back to fill in the gaps

    • LOL

    • preacherontheweb
    • October 23rd, 2013


    Leading question…..

    Surely the meaning of life is explained by different people in different ways, it all depend on what they want to get out of life.

    A little mercenary but true

    • If there were objective morality, the meaning of life would be a bit more well defined… no?

  2. To my taste, the question of “What is the meaning of life” is just ad asking “What is the color of anger?” I personally don’t find any logic in the question itself. I believe the meaning to life is what you give to it by your actions and how you behave and interact with other and leave your “mark”

      • chialphagirl
      • October 23rd, 2013

      I think Jimmy Hendrix could tell you the color of anger. 🙂

      • and I posit he would have known the taste of storm clouds as well 🙂

    • Nicely put and I mostly agree with this… thanks for commenting.

  3. There’s only one answer: 42, silly.

    • Indeed! 42 it is, and thanks for the fish and stuff.

  4. Are you differentiating between the question “what is the meaning of life?” and “what has value in life?”?
    Because, to be honest, the Sisyphus narrative that Culpeper mentions on Elucidations is about as close as we get to a purpose. As for what has value, it is those moments when we are atop the mountain, and that moment of appreciation and bliss (and our happiness by proxy of other people atop their mountains) and the relationships we build and the trail we leave behind.

    • You, my friend, have hit what I would consider the nail on the head. Why we would have nails on our heads is a totally different question though.

      Meaning, purpose, and value are all context sensitive and subjective to the viewer/observer. I’ll go a bit deeper in the follow up post.
      Thanks for commenting.

      • Why we would have nails on our heads is a totally different question though.

        Just in case you’re not being facetious, nails have heads. So when you don’t hit the head squarely, it bends the nail and one ends up with a mess. Hitting it squarely drives the nail home straight and true. So the expression means a well delivered point driving it home straight and true.

  5. I believe it has something to do with the colour lilac, but only on Tuesdays…

    • That is an awesome thought! Mostly because, as everyone knows, lilac is a very subtle yet alluring color on Tuesdays… Tiwa was very fond of it.

    • chialphagirl
    • October 23rd, 2013

    Meaning is something we attach. What is the meaning of love? or the meaning of family? or the meaning of anything? We attach our own meaning.

    • Yes we do … in very subjective and context sensitive ways… but why is that?

        • chialphagirl
        • October 24th, 2013

        From an evolutionary standpoint, I think it is a survival mechanism. Our brain takes in stimulus and assigns it value to assess whether it harms or benefits us. As we develop and the stimulus becomes more ambiguous, like life in general, our assessments personalize more. But in general purpose is a survival mechanism that we all create to overcome and endure the pain of life.

        • There is a bit of a trick there. The cause of desire to survive. Do you feel that it is fully chemically based?

            • chialphagirl
            • October 25th, 2013

            I’m not sure. Chemicals are huge, I mean consider depression and its effect on the will to survive. But the things that would make me fight hard to live are my children and spouse, so that is relational and social based. But some argue that our chemicals produce those feelings too so I don’t really know.

  6. ……………………..Yea I’m not gonna even try

    • Which is a most valid perspective on the meaning of life… One that I expected would only be represented by absent comments… thanks for commenting.

  7. Seems to me that the only meaning of life is to make more life. I suppose that brings up other questions: why bother expending all that energy on making something that has to expend energy to make something that expends energy making something… so on and so on, ad infinitum. Maybe the answer to that question is the real meaning of life?

    • Seems to me that the only meaning of life is to make more life.

      I think I agree

      • that would be purpose… meaning implies other things… Thanks.

        I’ve got a good bit here to use for a follow up post 😉

    • The nihilist in me says you are spot on. The true purpose of the human species is no more complex than the purpose of moss or flat worms. This gets mired in the confusion between purpose, meaning, and value in our little human minds. Dogs et al don’t seem to have much problem with it all. hmmmm

  8. That is a catchy title. I liked Monty python’s the meaning of life. 😉

    • It was a good movie… the storm it stirred was kind of awesome too.

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