God, the Devil, Zeus, and Skylanders: Religion as seen by 2 eight year olds.

“out of the mouths of babes…”
You have to love this conversation… remember those? Remember, these two are in second grade. They’re thinking as much as most adults do but without as much information. This is the age that most christian sects believe children can make an informed decision about religion.


What do you think happens when you die?”


Thankfully, this question was not asked of me, for I fear any answer I would give might a.) confuse my child even more or b.) terrify him so he doesn’t ask me any further soul searching questions in the future. I was also choosing to ignore the fact that this question was asked by my son’s eight year friend as we were cruising down the highway. Were they trying to send me a not so subtle clue as to what they thought of my driving?

Anyways, that aside, I turned down the radio just enough so I could eavesdrop in on what was sure to be an interesting conversation. It went something like this:


Ry: I don’t know. I think it’s like going to sleep.

Friend: Yeah, but I heard you don’t see anything.

Ry: So, you see like…

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