Quiet Now, They’re Coming

Quiet now, still your voice

Quiet now, let your thoughts be louder than your tongue

Shhh, they’re coming for us

Don’t worry. It won’t take long

Be at peace, this life is done

Remember our last meal

The sauce, the roots

Remember now

Taste again against the tooth

Shhh, love, still your heart

They’re coming now

They bring their art

Still your thoughts

Be nothing, swell

Wind against the mountain

It is time

No more thought

No more rhyme

It’s time now

Last thoughts be calm

Their god comes calling

Shhh, be still, no worry

No voice, no fear

They come to save

Let your silence speak

let the fire burn

Your proclamation the grave

Shhhh, the believers come


Do not click play if you have a weak stomach




    • preacherontheweb
    • October 8th, 2013

    Not exactly your usual thought provoking stuff my friend

    • There, I added a bit of African Christianity for you… does that make you think?

  1. I can’t resist:

    • Good choice… I upped the ante, added my video inspiration to the post.

      • Fuck, i’ve seen that. It’s the most harrowing thing i’ve ever, EVER seen

        • It was the inspiration for the ‘poem’

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