Clash of Cultures: Belgistan? Sharia Showdown Looms in Brussels (5:40)

As certain as this asshole is that the world should be ruled by Islam and Sharia law I am certain that he should be shot in the head and left in the street for all to see. Hey, that’s just me… If you are Islamic or sympathetic to Islam, why are you not calling out this bigot for his ways? Why are you allowing people like this to represent you in the public sphere? Clean up your own house.

  1. If a non believer like I am calls islam a religion antithetical to Enlightenment values, an authoritarian religion incompatible with Western liberal secular democracy and demonstrated by wherever sharia is practiced, then I am vilified for being a racist, a bigot, an islamaphobe, intolerant and anti-liberal. My opinion, of course, can then be summarily dismissed without having to deal with why I say this, nor deal in any way on what compelling knowledge basis I have actually used to arrive at this conclusion (starting with having read the koran). If a muslim (especially a cleric) announces islam to be anti-democratic in principle, he is ignored or considered one of those fringe elements, you know…. maybe a ‘bad apple’. And I continue to find this rather remarkable ability demonstrated time and again, where otherwise intelligent and educated westerners seem able to hear what they wish to hear rather than what is being said, able to dismiss proclaimed religious motivation for actions to be some kind of mistake and deserving to be conveniently altered to some other cause (where the West can be held partially accountable), able to presume that any direct religious stated causation simply cannot be so because, well, that makes the listener who is willing to believe what people say they believe intolerant and a bigot.

    In Western liberal religions, how closely one adheres to the KJ bible’s scriptural dictates does not determine how good or bad a christian one is. In islam, how good or poor a muslim one is is determined entirely by how closely one upholds the fundamentals of the koran, which just so happens to be the perfect word of god. (Please, go ask a muslim about this assumption) There is no equivalent spectrum of liberal-moderate-fundamental varieties of islamic belief and believers respected equally for their piousness in islam that compares to the religious spectrum found in the West. There is only the koran and how well one adheres to its teachings determines how good or how poor a muslim is to be considered by other muslims. In this sense, fundamentalism is the ideal and everything else in need of improvement towards it.

    Until Westerners wrap their little smug heads around this fact, they will not appreciate why and how such a cleric as presented in the video is not some fringe element, not some ‘bad apple’ disconnected from the religious mainstream of islam, but a better muslim than those who advocate for less adherence to the fundamentals of the koran this guy promotes! This IS islam, advocating for sharia, practicing sharia, imposing sharia. This is what GOOD muslims do, GOOD muslims support, GOOD muslims submit to. And that’s why the larger muslim communities throughout the West continue to produce sizable minorities of people willing to act on their religious beliefs and be better muslims… who immediately transform from being a muslim ‘moderate’ as part of the larger community to one of these mysteriously appearing-out-of-nowhere radicalized muslims! How this can possibly happen seems to be far too large a question for the typical Western mind to possibly fathom (without being somehow responsible for causing it, of course). So anyone who tries to point it out must be vilified as some kind of hater.

    • This sounds a lot like the ‘no true scotsman’ argument. Islam foments hate… this seems to be the conclusion of your comment…. ?

      • Yes, the Not a True Scotsman fallacy is widely practiced and endorsed by apologists for this regressive religion when people act on its prescriptions. Islam is incompatible with enlightenment values on which western liberal democracies are built. This is a very real problem… unless muslims fail to practice their religion based on koranic teaching, in which case only bad muslims are capable of being good citizens.

        • There are so many layers to what you have said… I agree multiple times with what you haven’t even said… gah

  2. I visited a friend in Brussel last summer. Great time — fantastic place. Lots of Muslims for sure. We bought our meat from a Muslim butcher that week.

    This video is incredibly disturbing, of course. I just wrote my friend to hear his take. He is a Francophile, his wife is Ethiopian.

    Thanx for sharing.

    • I would like to know what your friend says. Thanks for commenting

  3. PS — the guy’s site you “reblogged” this from is a believer in UFOs.

    • The beliefs of the person who posted the video do not change its contents. I did not vouch for the poster.

      • Ah, was just wondering. Seemed odd.

        • The video speaks on its own. I do not have to agree with the blogger…

          • That’s cool — I was just really curious.
            In a situation like that, I’d follow the link to YouTube and just use the YouTube Link. For instance, if I was just happening to read an astrologer’s site and found a cool link to something YouTube thing on Pluto, I’d just link to it and not worry people with where I found the YouTube video link. Since the linker is not important and they just took the link from somewhere too.

            But I am not against your style, I was just curious if you were also a UFO supporter.

            • UFO believers have yet to show any evidence…. I do not believe we are alone in the universe… but I do not believe the UFO thing….

            • UFO believers have yet to show any evidence…. I do not believe we are alone in the universe… but I do not believe the UFO thing….

              • my position too, btw

                • nice!

                  • And it’s very nice of you not to ‘moderate’ (ban) Sabio as he has done to others (me) for some perceived infraction against the web site’s proper tone (whatever the hell that is in such a mind).

                    • such moderation prohibits understanding and conversation. I do not moderate… everyone is free to speak here..

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