When Charity Doesn’t Count For Shit…


I found this at Ha! Tea ‘n’ Danger   and rather than simply reblog, I wanted to post. Often enough I talk about things that center around charities. I’ve been asked to mention a few charities but I do not. I don’t think it is my place to specify where people spend their money. That said, I will be more than happy to tell you where to not spend your charitable cash.



The video above mentions just a few of the really bad charity organizations. I urge you to give what and where you can but be wary of those that claim to be helping. There are many organizations very near to you (probably) who can use volunteers. If you have more time than money, this is a good way to help those around you.

You can buy a breakfast sandwich for the homeless guy you always see on the way to work, volunteer at the homeless shelter, start a gift list for christmas for those kids living in shelters… a million ways to be a good human. Please be careful of the greedy who will take your money with the specific intent of fucking over the needy.




    • dgirl1986
    • October 6th, 2013

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  1. If you look at the books and your allowed to, most charities only give about 5 to 8% of their net, some may be as high as 15%.
    When your talking about a charity bringing in 300 million and spreading out 5% that is not a lot.

    The feed the children network oops I mentioned a charity sorry. Only about 3% of their funds reach children. The rest is the CEA bills, transport and so on.

    I donate to The House Of Vile Fund.

    • There are indeed a lot of charities which can’t afford to be too charitable in this world. I don’t give advice on which to choose when you give, though there are places that will tell you which are a poor choice. I’ll check out House Of Vile Fund, thanks.
      thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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