Be Part Of The Solution….

not part of the problem.

Here in the USA people are finding out that they cannot avoid the argument. If it has not come to their lives yet, it is on its way. Whether it is about the health care that you can afford or who you can marry or whether you are getting paid or not. You can’t avoid the discussion / argument.

What is the solution?

Well, there are hundreds of opinions on that and even more dogma. Anything that is not part of the problem is part of the solution. There is no agnosticism here. No middle ground. No demilitarized zone.

You are either supportive of equality for all, and quality of life for all or you are not. If you do not support these quality steps you are opposing them.

It doesn’t matter who you blame things on, if  you are not supportive of equality then you are opposing it and in opposing it you are the oppressors.


If your god teaches you to hate, oppress, and deprive others of the rights you enjoy, you ARE the oppressors.

Affordable Health Care

Currently the US government is ‘shut down’ because the Republicans want to defund and repeal a law they already passed. They are holding the country and world hostage in the thought that throwing a hissy fit will make everyone else give them what they want. This is how revolutions start… when the oppressors think they can do as they wish. If you support the republican party in their whiny ass hissey fit then you are part of the problem. You are hurting good people across the country for absolutely no good reason at all. Your careless support of this childish behavior makes you THE problem, not just part of it. Grow up, wake up. The world is not here to give you what you desire. Your selfishness is hurting people. Your pride is hurting people. Your religion is hurting people. There is no excuse for it. You are the problem and you are an idiot.


If you are not part of the solution you ARE the problem. Wake the fuck up people.



    • Courtney
    • October 6th, 2013

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  1. Fuck Yeah!

    • Thanks

  2. Right!

    • Thanks. That’s just how I see it… it’s good to know I’m not alone.

      • I’ve been talking about the coming revolution for a few years now, and it’s good to finally connect with others as well.

        • The republicans are doing all that they can to get out of politics without actually quitting. Someone should tell them that when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. I’d rather they don’t get told…

          • I’m hoping it’s the end of the Republicans; there will be two Republican parties, the Fanatical Republicans and the Progressive Republicans. I wouldn’t mind a three-party system.

            • LOL, that would be a hell of a three party system

  3. Do they, the republicans, hope to have one of their own at the helm of government soon?

    • They are idiots if they do… they’ve offered up nothing but blithering idiots as candidates as if any dumbass could be Obama in an election? Now they have nobody for 2016 and two more years in which to self implode.

      I had to tell my dear old mum today that they are idiots and to stop listening to her church pals. Obama had nothing to do with shutting down the government, it was because of foolish high school minded whiney republicans in the house that the government is shut down… these handful of assholes are to blame for people who are being hurt by it. They are IDIOTS, and there is nothing more to be said of it.

      Her reply started with “but Obama… ” and I cut her off. She listens to televangelists way too much. I had to explain to her that the congress approves all spending with or without the president’s consent. It’s not up to Obama. He can only veto and he can’t veto what is not presented to him. Fuck the republicans.

      • The republicans are a funny lot. If they are not insulting women, they are fighting gun control and other funny things

        • They actually do not know how to govern… they think family values and going to church qualifies them… dumb fuckers

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