The Difference Between Male and Female Circumcision

I’m reblogging this because I think this argument is completely sexist in every place I’ve seen it but a few. This video represents an even handed look at genital mutilation, and correctly states that none of it should be allowed on minors without urgent medical need. I’m not trying to start a flame war, only to show that there is an even handed way to view and think about child genital mutilation.

Francis Roy's Blog

The truth about male circumcision and female circumcision, from the point of view of surgical procedures. Many people try to argue that male genital mutilation is less of an affront to human dignity and respect because it is more common, or because “women have it worse” without understanding what circumcision is.

Chances are good that investing 5 minutes of your time will change the way you think of circumcision for life.

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  1. Have a look at this…

    If it becomes recognised as child abuse then who knows what might be up for ”grabs” at a later date? Religious inculcation?

    • And here is the result from this meeting.

      • Excellent!

      • That is most excellent!

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