Isabella Rosselini explains animal gender problems for Noah’s Ark

Definitely worth the time to listen. Some stuff I did not know, so will have to watch again… nature is awesome.

Believers vs Non-Believers

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  1. “You must bring into the ark two of every kind of living creature from all flesh, male and female, to keep them alive with you.” It does not require a male and female of each kind. Rather just two pf each kind. However, it cannot be ALL female or ALL males. It needs to be both males and females sot that many animals can reproduce (since most animals require a mate of the opposite sex)

    • Well, that is one version is another. The bible can’t even get that one story right… that book is useless.

      • Useless? So you use no morals found within the Bible? No historical events were accurately portrayed?

        • If you see a bit of chocolate cake sitting on top of the pile at the bottom of an outhouse, I’m sure some part of that cake is good… but is it really worth going through the trouble to get it? You can get more cake down at the bakery.

          The Christian bible is a bit like that… not worth the effort even if there are good parts.

          • So you have none of the morals found in the Bible?

            • Well, your point is only valid if you can prove that the morals in the bible originated in the bible and no where else. I wear blue shirts. Do you think that means I copied someone else that wears blues shirts? All of the morally acceptable things in the christian bible are sourced elsewhere and without all the effluent.

              • Not necessarily. They are found in the Jewish Bible, which is the OT of the Christian Bible and the Quran wasn’t written until after

                • Seriously, do you think that arguing semantics on the losing side of an argument is somehow going to convince me that you are somehow right?

                  Morals do not stem from any religion. They come from each of us. The only reason that they seem to be universal is because this generalized set of morals we all seem to have is the best way to cooperate for survival and it is woven into our societal contracts.

                  Religion has done nothing but fuck up morality since it began.

                  • Oh really. Name 1 just 1 moral not found in religion

                    • When you can name one that originate only in religion

                    • But that is all of them. For religions cover all morals. Secular humans simply pick and choose from each.

                    • You fail, again. I said name one that originated only in religion. No answer?

                    • Equality, originated in religion. Adopted by secularists. This is both political and economic equality. Respect for others. Originated in religion and adopted by secularists.

                    • Now prove that they originated in religion.

                    • Prove to me it did not.

                    • All talk, no answers… that’s what I figured about you.

                    • As with you. You say these thing and then ask me to defend my position while you have yet to defend yours. I can give you evidence but I’d rather pick apart your flawed logic before I introduce my reason.

                    • good luck with that. I asked, had to ask twice and now you play coy with the answer? piss off

                    • Ah, but you never did have to ask twice. You were just unsatisfied with the given response. Why don’t you “piss off” since you are certainly no man of intellect. No man of intellect becomes enraged when asked to prove their argument as you have done.

                    • Glad to see you have no response

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