Faith is a vice: How religious belief is relativism in disguise

Take a few minutes and read this one… think about it

Empirical Pierce

Whenever discussing an aspect of Christian belief that is absurd, paradoxical, or contrary to known evidence and reality, I have noticed a virtually inevitable tendency of any Christian I argue with to retreat to a statement along the lines of “That’s why you need faith.” “I just have faith that it’s true.” “I know it’s true because I feel it in my heart.” This is not surprising; after all, Christian doctrine teaches that it is virtuous to believe that for which you have no evidence (John 20:29, for example).

But is it really a virtue? What is admirable about believing something when you have no evidence to support it, or even believing in the face of contradictory evidence stating that you are wrong? For example, there are people who adamantly believe that the world is only several thousand years old even when confronted with mountains upon mountains of…

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