2 Videos And A Tissue

Well, busy day again. Feeling a bit under the weather, but there are a couple of things worth sharing.


Religion is harmful. Here is a really nice explanation of how and why. Notice that this is not a ‘go team’ atheism chat. This is anti-religion at its finest. Not because atheism makes sense but instead because religion is dangerous and stupid.


Grab a tissue, but pay attention to the places you can help out. Some times I think she showed more bravery getting up to speak than facing down a tornado.

  1. best pascal wager yet, and it is a great analogy comparing it to bloody mary

    • I thought so too…. thanks for commenting. That video was very common sense.. easy to understand.

  2. Yes, i like that approach to Pascals little exercise. Approaching it from the position of “Yes, there is a lot to loose” is brilliant. Adopted.

    • Indeed, I rather liked it myself.

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