Good Grief! The Right Way To Do It!

I found another case where another believer thinks that life without god is ‘bleak’. For them, life has meaning only in belief in an after life

…if there is no answer to the grave, if there is no word of assurance which can be offered, friendship does not become a substitute…

While they are speaking of grief over death of a loved one, the point becomes clear. If you can’t be certain of living the high life after death then nothing in this life matters, it’s all for nothing. This believer would seem to then be living life simply in the hope or with a plan to be rewarded after this life. In other words, this life is of no consequence other than to get into the next one. Nothing they do will be truly from altruism, or so it seems.

At least with respect of death, this holds true for them.

For those who see death as nothing more than a final destination to a hollow grave then the outlook is bleak. However, if the Gospel is true, we know the grave does not have the final word and we know the grave is not the final destination.


Since it is true that death is one of the very few things that is certain in life, your outlook on death should be fairly important. We spend a lot of energy and time talking about it, telling stories and making movies about it. It IS important. If you believe that death is the gateway to another and eternal life as a reward or punishment for how you lived life here then you are wasting this life for nothing.

There is no guarantee that you will get to heaven. Even if there is a creator god there is no guarantee that he will allow you into heaven. There is even no guarantee that the god you love isn’t really a monster that feeds on the souls of humans. You have no idea what is beyond the grave and the claims you make that your man-god beat death are completely unsubstantiated. They are wishful thinking.

As an atheist, I know that there is nothing beyond the grave. I’m a hairless ape. I do not and you do not believe that apes go to heaven.. right? There is no heaven for animals. All of the information that believers use to conclude there is an afterlife is predicated upon fairy tales and lies. The longer you avoid facing the facts the more of your life that you waste. When you tell others that you know their loved one is in a better place you are lying to their face. You don’t know. You can’t know. Your effort to comfort them is a lie. Isn’t that one of the things that will keep you out of the supposed heaven?

Oh, but you did it to comfort someone. Yes, that makes lying ok. I remember now, the 11th commandment.

  1. It is clear from the exhortations of Christ to hate this life to the assertions of the followers of Christ that those who reject the possibility of an after-life as having a bleak existence, that Christianity has been and continues to be a death-cult.

    • Damn! I’m going to use that the next time that someone claims atheism is a religion. If it is, then it is a religion of life, not one of death! LOL

  2. What I noticed was how the blogger transformed the idea of being a “tad” bleak into a worldview that is “nothing more than bleak.”

    Stretched and embellished for maximum effect.

    Aside from that, her argument, I believe, descends into the fabled Pascal’s Wager.

    • It does indeed start to sound like Pascal’s Wager yet it is hard to miss the tones of accusation of being nihilistic and that being a bad thing. No, she has to be special, so special that the most powerful being in all creation loves her and so she won’t actually die

  3. I think once your dead your just that. No after life , no coming back as someone else, your dead. I doubt you even know when that happens.

    • I bet we have a good clue that it’s coming, but it probably just fades out like falling asleep. I kind of like that thought.

      • I think in some cases your right maybe in most.

        • I hope that I do. I want that one last experience… it’s all I get.

  4. The very word – afterlife – betrays their reasoning. Life – a word that expresses the condition of existing. After – a succeeding condition. Afterlife: succeeding existence. And what is the antithesis of existence? Nonexistence. So, the afterlife is nonexistence. How can one experience nonexistence? The answer: unconsciously.

    • Indeed. It boggles the mind… and makes my head hurt. All this belief in fairy tales.

  5. I can see the appeal in believing in life after death, how comforting it must be to think of your loved ones living on, happy and peaceful. But I’ve never been able to believe it. It’s… weak. That’s the only thing I can think of describe it. You are so weak you cannot face reality. And I have never been a weak person. I will die one day, and the life that is mine will end. It won’t continue. Some part of me will in that particles and atoms and molecules that make up my body will rejoin the earth and be made into something new, but my ‘soul’ will not be sitting up in heaven drinking mocha frappuchinos with Jesus.

    • I agree completely. Strength is in knowing the truth and accepting for exactly what it is. Life ends. It’s what you do now, not what you plan to do when you’re dead… that’s what life is.

      • Exactly, and I’ll never understand why the religious are more concerned with what happens when they die than what they do when they’re alive. Personally, I would rather make the world around me an awesome place for myself and others than spending all my time alive worrying about the possibility of something that has no bearing on my actual life. But that’s just me. Crazy, I know.

        • I’ve got a bit of that crazy in me too. No time to worry about the next life, this one is calling my name now! You seem to have a wonderful outlook… How does one get on your holiday party guest list?

          • Bribery helps. I’m not above it. I like to think I have a pretty level out look on life, enjoy it while you can, try to improve it if you can and if not, at least try not to make it shittier than when you got here, and let people live how they wish (as long as they’re not bringing harm to others). Pretty simple, yet somehow it offends people. This may seem kind of creepy, but do you have skype or msn or whatever else? I just had a night long argument with some one and I kind of feel the need to talk to a neutral party. If you’re not comfortable with that though, that’s perfectly cool.

            • google talk?

              • never used it. Just installed it though, is my email for that, or do you need something else?

                • let me see

  6. Lying is ok as long as you are doing it in the name of god

    • Indeed, objective morality is supposed to exist but lying for god… that’s different!

      • Even god approves lying for him and Pascal tells us we must pretend to love this god even if we don’t feel it in our hearts so that we don’t miss out of heaven!

        • Makes you wonder what kind of people will be in that heaven?

  7. The bleakness of which so many believers speak of… And non-believers as well. I often wonder why the view that life has no inherent meaning is met with such great opposition by some people. It should be something of a relief, actually. It gives us a blank slate – life can mean whatever the hell we want it to mean and no almighty dude in the sky can tell us different.

    • Amen! Where do I sign up for the choir?

  8. Makes one think deeply about all sorts of different things…..

    • Thanks for sticking around preacher. I would have thought you’d given up by now.

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