What Just Happened?

This is a surprise and not a surprise. Take a note on this one for future use.

R. L. Culpeper

The atheist, once again, is the voice of reason, compassion and empathy.  When confronted tonight with the question of “What should we do with Islam?” I expressed my concerns while trying to avoid a bigoted stance.  That is to say, I didn’t want to make generalizations about all Muslims, nor did I want to present an ethnocentric response to my antagonist.  That said, I too, believe Islam is dangerous.  Likewise, I believe that Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Neo-Paganism, Astrology, and a number of other unsubstantiated belief systems are dangerous.  Not, perhaps, in the sense that I fear catastrophic or violent results as the sole derivatives thereof, but in the sense that they perpetuate disdainful behavior. That is, they exemplify their degeneracy more often by cognitive obstruction, impeding individualism and critical thinking.

I don’t want to kill people or prevent them from believing in such things, however.  I just don’t want their…

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    • dgirl1986
    • September 28th, 2013

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    A few good points I thought

  1. Indeed interesting that we can see that all of us, religious or not have some form of tendency towards violence. This post actually opens the way to soooo many other questions, some of which we are afraid to ask

    • It does indeed.

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