Because We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood….

To go with my last post, take note of this one too….

  1. So Dungeons & Dragons is real, huh?

    • Yep, and you get a Gideon’s with a pair of 12 sided dice when you get baptized.

      • Wohoo!

  2. Then what?

    • This one pairs up with the previous about how religions of peace just are not peaceful.

      • I meant it rhetorically. After they gear up with a bunch of holy trinkets, what’s next? Nothingness…

        • Oh, then they get to talk amongst themselves about how well protected they are and how the rosary has kept them demon free ever since they took it to Lordes, and how their bible has been sprinkled with holy water from the Vatican so it will help them win more souls for god, and on and on like LARPers.

          • That’s weird… I’m demon free and I’ve never adopted the rosary in my repertoire of kickassery.

            • Well, if you’re going to play the god botherer part, you have to have the right equipment… I don’t think they test to see if your armour actually repels demons. No e-meters in Christianity

              • That would be a funny thing to develop and market… just for fun. I’m sure some knucklehead would by it.

  3. Another piece of food for thought – I like it!!

    • God is war, brother.

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