Things Your Minister Never Told You

here is another excellent look at what the bible has to say to christians

The Ethical Warrior

If you’re anything like most Christians, you have lots of questions about your faith – questions that your minister never was able to properly answer for you.

The question that started me down the path of self-discovery was this: Why does one have to seek the Truth?  The Bible says, that if you seek the Truth, the Truth will set you free.  The implication is that you don’t already know the Truth, not even from reading the Bible.  If you have to seek the Truth, it obviously must not be self-evident.  So following are certain truths about the Bible that your minister probably never told you about:

  • If Jesus was born of a virgin mother, he couldn’t have been the messiah.

The reason is that, according to prophecy, the messiah had to be a descendant from King David and any lineage that Jesus had from King David would have…

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    • preacherontheweb
    • September 26th, 2013

    This is one that I will study and comment on at a later stage

    • preacherontheweb
    • September 27th, 2013

    I agree, she gave natural birth in a stable so there us no way that it could have been a virgin birth as I am sure that there was nobody around who could have performed a C-Section.

    Some people would argue that because God is father of all that he would be David’s father and as his spirit came over Mary and made her pregnant that he is Jesus’ father. That would mean that Jesus in that sense is a dependent of David.

    I agree that a virgin birth was impossible but as a Christian I do believe that a virgin impregnation could have taken place and that through the years as the word was passed by one person to the next, that the meaning and true story behind the story became blurred.

    What if the reference is to Gods other than Christian Gods? The God as we know him is the one and only of our religion or belief and it is possible that he could sit in an assembly of Gods.

    The Bible does not say slavery is acceptable. It says that you should not covert your neighbour’s slave. Slavery was something that happened in those days, it was a part of life, I am sure that God actually said you should not covert anything that belongs to your neighbour and us humans expanded that rule to include everything dear to us by name.

    The Trinity is not mentioned, but the Godhead is – same thing
    The word trinity came about a long time later when a mortal, an Italian actually was looking for a word to describe the Godhead or Father, Son and Holy Spirit, he came up with the italian form of the word trinity and it stuck.

    If the secrets of Heaven were told to everybody, then they could no longer be referred to as secrets. Could they?
    If you know everything that is going to happen, do you look forward to it? ….

    There are many sons of God. Every man on earth is His son and every woman His daughter.

    The Bible was written by many people. People like you and I who were transcribing what they had been told or had seen. Obviously there is a bit of poetic licence here.

    • ==The Bible does not say slavery is acceptable….==

      It does however tell you how you must treat your slaves. If a book instructs you on how to make bombs, can it be said that the book does not say home made bombs are acceptable?

      ==If the secrets of Heaven were told to everybody, then they could no longer be referred to as secrets. Could they?
      If you know everything that is going to happen, do you look forward to it? ….==

      The thing here is that when I plan a vacation right down to daily activities, I enjoy it. It is not the surprise of what comes next but the joy of experience that makes something enjoyable. Knowing when it will happen does not change that.

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