Belief In God Is A Waste

The tragedy in Kenya has brought out the god botherers full force. I won’t link to the blog (sigh) but here is the summary of the post:

I thank God that nobody I knew was hurt. A classmate and friend of mine was in the building when it went down but she was rescued by the police. She is still in shock, but she is safe and thankful. For those who were pesonally affected, I am very sorry for what happened.

They thank god that nobody they know was hurt… screw everybody else, god doesn’t love them. They are sorry for what happened to the victims and their family, but god doesn’t love them enough to save them.

What should matter now is that we stick together as one as we move ahead. As for those evil people, I have one thing to say. Vengeance belongs to the Lord, and he is as fierce as he is just. They will get their own in time, believe it. Whether it be in this world or in the afterlife. Believe it.

Then they get kind of normal… till they bring evil into it. Evil can only be countered by a god, their god. Never mind getting revenge now or setting things right… let god get them in the afterlife! You better believe it too, god said it.

This is one of the most egregious problems with religion – it does not fix anything. Instead it teaches to just turn the other cheek and pretend that life will get better. When it does teach doing something to fix the world we get what happened in Kenya. What is the lesson here? Is it that you should pray to the right god? Is it that god doesn’t really like shopping malls? Maybe it is that there is no god and people do what they want, hiding behind the alibi that god told them to do it.

If you ask me, most of the “real evil” (TM) on this planet wears the garb of clerics and believers. You can argue that point but you don’t have the statistics to back it up.

Whether it is because of holy texts or not, most of the evil on this planet lives their lives by the rules of a holy book.

So according to this blogger, god is going to punish the people he sent to kill hundreds at a shopping mall for killing the people he sent them to kill. Yes, makes perfect sense.

Oh, but I hear you say that the real god didn’t send them to kill, they did that on their own. Well, the ‘real god’ didn’t protect the dead did it?


There is no god.

  1. Why do people believe that god put most value to them compared to others? If there’s a god, isn’t then most likely that (s)he doesn’t care about humans at all? It seems that theism correlates highly with egocentrism.

    • Thanks for commenting and you are absolutely correct. People believe in a personal god because it is egocentrism. No, it does not make sense. I’ve tried to explain it, but that requires people understanding that they are wrong.

      • “but that requires people understanding that they are wrong.”

        That’s the whole problem, they won’t accept that.

  2. The religious are quick to forget that it is their god that annihilated the earth with a global flood(sic) and was the power behind Moses and Joshua’s genocidal campaigns.

    So why on earth do these fools truly believe their god is a merciful just entity and would pay any attention or heed their prayers?

    • You can’t fix stupid?

      They want to believe in justice and fair play. Religions offer it in a way that can’t be disproved. People, generally, are not good at thinking for themselves.

  3. It is just crazy

    • Yes, but people get upset if you call religious belief a mental problem or disease.

      • You should say get very upset!

  4. “So according to this blogger, god is going to punish the people he sent to kill hundreds at a shopping mall for killing the people he sent them to kill. Yes, makes perfect sense.”

    I know “Amen” is not the appropriate word, but Amen (Ra) to that.

    I’ve often wondered about this whole thing, how Jews, Christians, and Muslims pretend not to worship the same god, though their religions stem from the same books of Moses. Then you get that contradiction, just how you said it, that god is going to punish the people he sent to kill people.

    It is all a bit…disturbing.

    • Disturbing is a very polite word… I’d call it out right disgusting. That’s just how I roll.

  5. I would say that you have an eye for hypocracy. Organized religion has killed more people than all the historically documented pandemics combined. Bad people controlling ignorant masses to wipe out other ignorant masses they don’t like.

    • I believe that is the basic premise of war – bad people controlling ignorant masses to wipe out other ignorant masses they don’t like

  6. Yahweh was confused as to which team to support… He’s the owner and coach of both!

    • hahaha yes he is

    • chialphagirl
    • September 25th, 2013

    It seems as though you are irritated at the nuance of her expression. If she were an atheist who said “I’m so glad that no one I loved was hurt and I hope those men get what’s coming to them.” It would be no different in essence. Her thoughts here do not reflect her religion as much as her humanity. We all hope that the people we love are not harmed and we are relieved when they are safe even if simultaneously feeling bad for harm done to others.

    Most of us desire justice or vengeance on people who perpetrate evil. Assigning that to God can be healthy because it keeps some of us from perpetrating that vengeance our selves. (I say this as the sister of a woman who was sexually assaulted by a family friend.) Sometimes the only healthy, legal way to deal with all of that is to “give it to God”. And trust him to carry out justice.

    Obviously I do not share her sentiment as it is expressed but I understand it at its core. Because at its core it is simply her humanity expressing its relief and outrage.

    • You missed the point… my bit is because she thanked a god for saving a couple of people but allowing all the rest to be killed. The omnipotent creator of all existence who saves some and lets others die – awesome. Of course he is also responsible for the tragedy in the first place… he could have stopped them outside of town or made them all get sick etc.

      As for vengeance, it’s not going to happen in the next life, there isn’t one. Saying god will have vengeance is to say that you are angry but will do nothing about it. Their god won’t do anything about it either – he’s playing both sides.

      Clearly she feels she has no control of the situation, but trusting god doesn’t give you any either. It is surrendering and doing nothing about it, changing nothing, fixing nothing… exactly what the terrorists want to happen.

    • Matthew Chiglinsky
    • September 25th, 2013

    My mom infuriated me a while ago when a hurricane hit here in the Mid Atlantic United States, claiming that “God” was punishing the rich people with beach houses and yet somehow saved our house because he likes us better. I tried to point out to her that innocent children died in the hurricane too, but she’s not brave enough to concede this point.

    I overheard my mom on the phone the other day telling her friend that “Jesus” was watching what some other person they knew was doing and would one day punish that person. That’s some real paranoid stupidity. I felt like my ears were assaulted by even overhearing it.

    There’s no way a single being could realistically keep track of every detail going on in every person’s life on this planet.

    • Even worse is believing that it is happening. One god watching everybody, storing up records to figure out who to send to hell. It’s crappy logic and makes their god sound petty and useless and far less than omnipotent.

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