Where Is It? I’ve Been Looking Everywhere…

Where is it? Seriously, tell me! Tell me now.

I’ve been lurking on religious blogs and websites, trolling the news… anything I can think of. I’m searching for where someone’s god is doing good things. Things that would not happen naturally, All I hear and find is news of gods that do nothing or worse, sit back and watch all the bad news and do nothing.

I read blogs where people talk of how they need to surrender to god, how they need to be better. Nobody is talking about the miracles that god is working in their part of the world or even in their own lives. Seriously, if you can find a post or two where someone is talking about a god working miracles (more than helping them find their car keys) I want to  know about it.

As far as I can tell everyone’s gods have abandoned them to the day to day living it takes to be a human on this planet. There is no help, no signs, no miracles. The religious world is at war with someone somewhere… be it gays or Muslims or witches or what have you, they are all at war with something or someone. Where are their gods? Where are the signs? Where are the miracles?

Everybody talks about their god. Where is the show and tell section of this big open house?

Can anyone point me to any good news about gods? I don’t want people stories about finally being able to pick the right college or learn how to get along at work. I want real stories, things to investigate… where are they?



  1. I will help you search, should we find one such story, we will publicize

    • Coolio. I’m seeing so much bad news yet the purveyors of perennial good news don’t seem to have any… I’m perplexed.

      • Let us say their god is busy at the moment. Or why would he allow them to get bombed while in church worshiping him

        • I prefer to make the leap… there is no god, it’s all make believe. Safety for those afraid of the dark

          • You say this but have no true ground for your basis. Just as easily as you dismiss the claims of a god. One could dismiss the fact that you say there is absolutely not one. Scientifically this claim is absolutely absurd. The truth is we do not acquire the knowledge to KNOW one way or the other. So truthfully the ONLY ones who have it correct are the agnostics. They admit they have no clue, however, they admit there is a possibility of one. We only acquire knowledge on 5% of our own ocean. This means 67.45% of the entire Earth has been unexplored and thus we do not acquire knowledge on this. How can you say that you KNOW that no God exists when you do not even know about 67.45% of the planet you live on and probably less than 99.999999999999999999…% of our galaxy, much less our universe. You are a fool to say that you KNOW God is a make believe “safety blanket”.

            • Well, I didn’t expect you to understand, arguing seems to be your main point.

              There is no reason to think that there is a god. When someone claims that there is a god but cannot show it to be true I am not obligated to then think that it might be possible.

              If I claimed there was a big purple frog that only I can see that follows me everywhere but could not prove it existed, would you be obligated to believe there are possibly big purple frogs that are invisible and follow people around?

              See, because I’m not making a claim that has no supporting credible evidence it is not scientifically absurd for me to conclude that the claim is false, and many if not all of its premises.

              Unless you have some special evidence you will not get anywhere with the agnostic argument. All of the falsifiable claims made by religions have been shown to be false. There is no reason to suggest that the unfalsifiable claims ‘might’ be true.

              Theism and atheism are not equal claims. Theism makes claims – atheism says there is no credible evidence for the claims. Moreover, most other religious people disagree with your sect’s specific claims about the _unknowable_.

              Atheism makes no claims. There is no god is not a claim, it’s a conclusion based on the fact that there is no credible evidence for the claims made by theists.

              All of your numbers there have little value when the argument is seen in its correct form.

              • Ah, but Quantum Physics has led to many factual evidences that lead to the conclusion of a conscious and infinite being outside our Universe that causes and caused our Universe. While this does not prove any God or gods in particular it does give a factual scientific standing for theists and agnostics alike. The mere possibility that other Universes existing (excluding the incredible evidence that this is in fact true.) makes our Universe a contingent entity. All contingent entities, in Quantum Physics, require a necessary, or infinite, cause for their occurrence and continual existence. Then it goes deeper into the observer effect, which also has much scientific evidence supporting it. You seem ignorant on many things. A majority of what you say seems to be false or exaggerated. Denying the fact that God is a possibilities is a claim atheists make, which is equivalent to saying a God has to exist. You can not truly deny the possibility God exists. The Chaos theory has been thrown out. It is not really a matter of is God a possibility, but rather how likely God is. An atheistic view is as credible as a theistic view. Agnostics are the only ones who truly have KNOWLEDGE they are right.

                • “Quantum Physics has led to many factual evidences that lead to the conclusion of a conscious and infinite being outside our Universe that causes and caused our Universe. ”

                  Do you happen to have any reference material for this statement? Is your name Depak?
                  L.Krauss’ ‘A Universe From Nothing’ and S.Hawking’s “The Grand Design” disagree with you. No matter what you think of my knowledge or presentation these two gentlemen have lots of credibility. Neither one of them thinks there is a god nor a need for one to explain why the universe we know exists.

                  Contingency does not require an intelligent cause. Raindrops are contingent, as are many other things and do not require intelligent cause. Nothing in science has credibly shown need for or evidence of a god, creator type or not.

                  The possibility that a god exists is infinitely small. If the chance of rain tomorrow is infinitely small, you do not think that it will rain. There is still a non-zero possibility of rain because of a) we’ve seen rain before b) it has rained everywhere on Earth at some point c) weathermen are often wrong

                  We have never seen a god. There is no evidence that any god has ever existed. The people say that there is a possibility do so because they have a vested interest in finding the existence of a god.

                  An atheists view is that theists have not shown any credible evidence for their claims. Agnostics are not right. You can’t be right or wrong if you don’t answer the question. You can’t win or lose if you don’t play. Agnostics are not right, they are not participating.

                  It seems that all you have done is argue that nobody can know and because this is your position then smugly claim that you are right … and you do this without any supporting evidence or credible argument.

                  Let me ask you then, since you seem to be agnostic, what do you think are the implications if there is no gods?

                  • Krauss, Hawking and Dawkins have all stated in interviews that a possibility of a God exists. They dismiss it however saying it is unnecessary. By that logic math doesn’t exist. Math existing outside the human mind is a possibility, however, it is unnecessary. Same with the idea of evolution, etc. You can see the problem with this logic. Also if something is infinite in one sense and/or direction, it is consequently infinite in all senses and directions. So if the possibility of God is infinitely small, it is also infinitely large.

          • Indeed. Man creates god in his image. The more savage the man is, the savage is his god and the more civilised, the more civilized is the god

  2. You’re quite right – it IS all make believe – fallacy, created by a patriarchal society for purposes of control and self interest (usually money).

    • You say this but have no true ground for your basis. Just as easily as you dismiss the claims of a god. One could dismiss the fact that you say there is absolutely not one. Scientifically this claim is absolutely absurd. The truth is we do not acquire the knowledge to KNOW one way or the other. So truthfully the ONLY ones who have it correct are the agnostics. They admit they have no clue, however, they admit there is a possibility of one. We only acquire knowledge on 5% of our own ocean. This means 67.45% of the entire Earth has been unexplored and thus we do not acquire knowledge on this. How can you say that you KNOW that no God exists when you do not even know about 67.45% of the planet you live on and probably less than 99.999999999999999999…% of our galaxy, much less our universe. You are a fool to say that you KNOW God is a make believe “safety blanket”.

  3. My first thought was why would any Christian look for or expect miracles or for things to get better around the world? The negative news only serves to validate their beliefs; one being that things are going to get much worse “before Jesus’ return”. It’s like they are willing doom and gloom. Garbage in, garbage out.

    The Pew Research Center reports that 41% of Americans believe Jesus Christ will have returned to earth by 2050. 58% of white evangelical Christians say they believe JC will return to earth in this period. Recent studies also showed that one of the main reasons for the apathy in the U.S., regarding climate change, is due to the belief that the Christian god is returning soon. Their ‘loving’ god promises to pour out his wrath on us ‘heathens’.

    Revelation 19:

    “I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True.

    The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean. Coming out of his mouth is a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations. He will rule them with an iron scepter. He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God Almighty.

    And I saw an angel standing in the sun, who cried in a loud voice to all the birds flying in midair, “Come, gather together for the great supper of God, 18 so that you may eat the flesh of kings, generals, and the mighty, of horses and their riders, and the flesh of all people, free and slave, great and small. […and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh.”

  4. You should run with this, MAL. It’s excellent. Poke in the eye reality reminders like this are the most powerful tool we rationalists have. Post this as a comment on Christian blogs. Force them to confront the reality…. and let me know when you’re playing so i can come and watch.

    • I will try to remember to give you a heads up 😉

    • I don’t think xtians (or muslims for that matter) will ever face reality, John, and it would be a pointless waste of effort for anyone to try to ‘force’ them. They seem to fear non-believers (or is it envy?) and most won’t ever know ‘reality’ til they die, whereupon they’ll slap themselves in the forehead for wasting their lives being so doggedly and determinedly ignorant.

      • There are two in this thread that believe anecdotal evidence is strong evidence. What they offer up is either the bible or stories that are clearly confirmation bias. Anything good that happens but is unusual has to be god’s work – not any god, but _their_ god.

        You know the kind, god let me wreck my car but I was not injured. There’s no way to explain that except that god saved me from injury. They totally miss the point of protection, prevent the accident not fix it so that you don’t get hurt but lose your car.

        Or the one where only one person survives a plane crash – it’s a miracle! No, not crashing the plane would have been a much nicer trick. Their god saved one person but brutally murdered 274 others if they were not frightened to death before the plane crashed.

        They never explain why they can claim _their_ god is the reason for the supposed miracle. Maybe it was Loki just messing with them? What about satan saving the one person but getting credit for good when he has brutally murdered 274 people in a few seconds.

        It’s far more likely that there is no gods and shit happens.

        The effing Morons saying that the floods in Colorado are because of gays and marijuana and such… they know this how? Did god come down and set a marijuana plant on fire (but it didn’t really burn) and tell them why he sent the floods? Was it really YHWH or was it Allah in disguise? Maybe… maybe it was Zeus?

        • Couldn’t have said it better myself, myatheistlife 🙂

  5. BTW… that headless little girl left me so angry, so lost for words that my mind is still spinning. No words can describe the feeling except for perhaps that i want to hurt those fuckers who did that.

    • Yes, that was fairly disturbing. Little girls are not supposed to be headless – it boggles the mind to view it.

  6. http://glimpsesofgod.typepad.com/

    • WOW an entire website of confirmation bias stories. That’s not what I asked for. Nice try though.

      • Wow. Actually that is EXACTLY what you asked for. “Biased stories” are the miracles of a God. You cannot have unbiased God miracles. Humans are incapable of being objective. Everything is subjective. So when asking for stories of miracles you are actually asking for biased stories. Nice try though.

        • Your desire to argue for no particular reason makes you look foolish.

          • You illiteracy and lack of knowledge makes you look foolish.

          • Your*

          • “I’m searching for where someone’s god is doing good things”
            This quote from you scream biased websites. For one the concept of God existing or not existing is biased to begin. Second the definition of “good” is subjective to you. In order to find a website where a human has typed something you must be willing to accept biased material. Also when bringing God and miracles into the equation you will NOT find a non-biased website. If you say news, media, etc. those too are all biased. Humans by nature are biased and cannot be objective. So do not say you did not ask for a biased text, for in fact you did.

            • I appear to have left out the critical ‘credible evidence of’ portion of the phrase. So when I tell you that is not what I’m looking for, but nice try it is not a call to be snarky or argumentative – unless that is the entirety of your purpose here. That seems most likely at this point.

              • Credible is a subjective term. Also to be “credible” one must be biased in believing in a God. So your term of credibility is as clear as an opaque stone.

                • Then why is it that a Christian cannot find credible evidence that would convince a Jew, Hindu, or Muslim, generally speaking?

                  That there are so many religions and so many sects within each is strong supporting evidence to say that no religion has credible evidence for their claims.

                  Rather than simply argue, why not try contributing to the conversation in a positive way?

                  • I have. Showing you that all things are subjective and you dismissing first hand events has not credible simply because your definition of credibility is subjective to you. If you can show me objectively what credibility is then I may give your words credibility.

  7. Why do you want to read about miracles for. Even if a miracle happen before you,you still wouldn’t believe. If the facts were right before you would you actually believe it at all. You want to know about miracles well Jesus said he died and rose again and all you have to do is accept him to have ever lasting life. That miracle for you is hard to accept. Because for you it is not as you would call it “logical for it to happen”. No one twists your arm to accept him and that is the best part about God.Why force you to love him since you claim he is so benevolent.You can go ahead and curse him till the day you die. You are not gonna see no miracle and he isnt going to show you that because why bother when you will be like the Pharisee who refused to believe when he showed himself to them. You ask for a miracle then I will bring you 100 people to a debate with you anywhere and show you how much of an impact god has had on their lives. All you got to do is bring me atheist that has done the same when they turn to atheism. God Bless and I hope you find the answers you try so hard to find. I know deep down in your heart you want to believe because if you didn’t then why would go through so much to try to disprove him.

    • Nobody in this country is twisting my arm to believe. Other countries, it happens all the time. Islam has a death penalty for people who stop believing.

      As for miracles, if there were demonstrable miracles and credible evidence of a god, there would not be so many religions. Say a plane destined for the world trade center stops in mid air and is moved to the side and set down in a field and god announces to the whole world of his presences… that would be a miracle. Stories from the Christian bible are just that… stories. With so much of it demonstrably false there is little if any reason to assume the unfalsifiable parts are true.

      I don’t want to argue with dogmatic people. I want to see the real and credible evidence for gods… otherwise I’m tired of hearing about gods and people wanting to push their dogma and fairy tales into my life. I can bring you a 1000 people that will tell you what an impact positive thinking or therapy has had on their lives. Your hundred people telling credulous stories do not provide evidence of a god nor constitute reason to believe in your holy text. It’s not enough to convince someone of another faith that they are wrong, is it?

      Religion is bad, it is caustic to humanity. There is no reason that I should not fight something that is caustic and has not one shred of credible evidence as well as the fact that there is much evidence that strongly indicates the whole thing is made up. So much of the many religions is demonstrably false. Still people keep yapping about it. Well, lets see the proof.

      • you are absolutely right bringing hundred people wouldn’t make you believe but you are failing to see the miracle in their lives. I totally agree with you with some of the concerns and issues you have. In fact you bring up good and credible arguments. I dont believe in religion either and people dont separate the religion with who God is. Like you I was always trying to make sense of God. For me it was the historical records and the many questions in the Bible that actually made me turn to him. I love it when people ask hard questions because it makes me seek him even more and I rest assured when I find more evidence proving his existence. The question you should be asking isnt if God is real but instead you should be asking if Jesus was real and claimed to be who he said he was. Start with him and maybe you might get your answers. Just as you claim to say that god isnt real I ask you to prove to me he isnt. Show me that he is just some imagination in my mind. You wan answers then look to Jesus and do your investigation on him. Prove he wasnt real and he isnt a historical figure and I will stop believing in God. Prove to me he wasnt God. I do like your blog. You bring up sincere and honest questions. Keep up the good post and always ask the hard questions.

        • Here’s the thing. If I made a claim that there are big invisible purple frogs that follow people everywhere they go… you would ask for proof and if I don’t have any, when I ask you to prove they don’t exist you will say that I’m being silly. I don’t need to prove a god doesn’t exist… the claim is that one does exist and the conclusion is that there is no credible evidence to believe the claim, ergo, god does not exist. The very same thing you would do with my claim of big invisible purple frogs that follow people everywhere they go.

          I have studied the christian religion … I’m a preacher’s kid. I was a devout evangelical. When I did study I found there is no credible evidence. All my life I had been believing anecdotal evidence as truth.

          Hitchens has a great take on the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. You should look him up on youtube. It’s dumbfounding to understand that an omnipotent and omnibenevolent god can’t simply forgive – he requires a blood sacrifice scapegoat. Makes perfect sense.

        • I hit send to soon. Thank you for your kind words.

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