Religion is Bad

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This is an oddly controversial topic, even for my clearly-atheist blog. You can almost smell the qualifications and caveats I’m going to offer as I go. But religion is bad. From the religions which famously teach violence, like Islam, to the religions which teach unwavering peace, like Jainism, religion is bad. It doesn’t matter how tolerant and loving your Christian grandma or Muslim neighbour or Jewish uncle are; religion is bad.

Starting, first, without a moral care in the world, religion teaches us bad ideas; the claims of religions are wrong. That wouldn’t be so bad if religion, like science, offered a way to question and challenge claims alongside the claims it generates. Most rational ways of coming to know things include some sort of error-checking: the falsification of scientific claims is a good example. Religion doesn’t offer us this. Religion offers us claims that are completely incompatible with science…

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