Wait, What’s The Definition Again?

Depression is a serious topic. Everybody goes through it. Some people can’t seem to get out of it. If the chemical works in your head are not right, it might be your normal state. There is a post at christianitybyaphilosophermonk   discussing how religious folk seem to be significantly more depressed than non-believers. It looks to me like another myth bites the dust. They’ve given the following as a definition for depression:

Depression or Prayer?

Depression is described [4] as a state where the sufferer experiences “feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and worthlessness and of being out of control.” Depressed people have a hard time looking on the bright side of life, and muscling up that optimism that allows non-depressed people to feel confident in their ability to go out and conquer the world. It’s not a coincidence that religion offers exactly what is missing in a depressed person’s life.


Christianity teaches that we are powerless, worthless, and sinners. Without Jesus there is no hope for us, we are lost and cannot avoid eternal damnation.


How are those two things different? No … seriously, how are they different?



From the article:

Indeed, one major advantage atheists have on their side is that there’s no reason to believe that religion alone is actually helping people. After all, religious people have higher rates of depression, suggesting that while they may hope religion will make them feel better, it’s often not working.

Prayer or Depression?

Can any of you figure out which picture above was found in a search for prayer images?

The article also links to information about 8 countries which are better off for being atheistic.

The caustic effects of religion on society are slowly coming to light…


  1. As a Clinically Depressed ex-Catholic Atheist, I’d have to agree.

    • Thanks for commenting. I enjoy your blog.

      • Thank you kindly.

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