A Post About YOUR Brain, Yes, Yours

Yeah, I know that YOUR brain was not studied in this research, but it was in as much as you have a normal brain. Every day we learn something new about our brains. Every day the mystery is slowly pulled away. Every day the magic is slowly dimmed.

This past week Researchers Observe Never-Before-Detected Brain Activity in a coma state




What does that mean? Good question.

Researchers from the University of Montreal and their colleagues have found brain activity beyond a flat line EEG, which they have called Nu-complexes (from the Greek letter n). According to existing scientific data, researchers and doctors had established that beyond the so-called “flat line” (flat electroencephalogram or EEG), there is nothing at all, no brain activity, no possibility of life. This major discovery suggests that there is a whole new frontier in animal and human brain functioning.

No, that doesn’t mean that when you flat line you are not dead. It means there are many nuances to how the brain operates and we don’t know very many of them yet. We’re still learning.

Rejoice, dance in the streets. Why? Because we are still learning. We are still progressing. We hairless human apes are still moving forward. Despite middle eastern despots and world unrest we are moving forward. I encourage you to rejoice in all our advancements… study and learn them. Some of them might change how you view life.

What this says is that the methods of how our brain works are yet unknown. There is now plenty of room to understand more of what a thought is, what a feeling is. The machine does much more than we thought it did. It is more complex than we had been able to detect before. Now we know there is more… time to explore. Sleep study anyone?


  1. That’s interesting research

    • Yes, and it confirms some little bit of what I was pointing at in my posts on consciousness. The brain has to remain active even in a coma if memory/personality is to be retained. The brain is not an all on/off deal. Consciousness is merely a small aspect of what it does.

    • lanceleuven
    • September 20th, 2013

    Fascinating stuff.

    • Yes, it is. I am looking forward to our increase of knowledge about the very spot where we keep it.

  2. Consciousness is merely a small aspect of what it does.

    Just so. It’s still early days in neuroscience. We can reasonably expect to hear of discoveries about the brain and how it functions and what it produces and regulates on a fairly regular basis now as our knowledge about it increases and more and more people get involved with this fascinating research.

    • I have always wanted a jack in the back of my head like the matrix… maybe one day!

    • I am more than ready to be a meat machine. I am convinced that consciousness exists only in my brain, that it models the world and I live in that simulation… proof of this would vindicate my world view.

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