Who Is God? Damn Good Question!

Sure, I know what you’re thinking. Okay, maybe I don’t, but I have a good guess.

Superstition and the need to follow makes fools of a lot of intelligent people. No matter what I could say about them that is disparaging, there is nothing quite like hearing them demonstrate it… so here you go


At the 2 minute mark she has ‘really good news’ about seeking truth. Her god is not going to stop us from finding out there is no god. If he turns out to be something I don’t like him to be, I will seek to kill him/it/her/thing.

At the 3 minute mark she starts describing her god in the same way you could describe a psychopath. Listen a couple of times. You can almost imagine here with a paper cup full of cool-aid in her hands… amirite? It’s awesome that she ‘knows’ there is only one true god. She can’t prove the others to be false without proving her own to be false. Now THAT would be an interesting video!

At about the 3:55 mark she gives the exact reason that atheists do argue till they’re blue in the face… she’s making this up. She is leading her life by believing in the fantasy. She would prefer that we all just be quiet and not worry about it and never gives thought to the many ways in which religion affects the lives of those who are not religious. We should just be quiet and quit worrying about something that we don’t believe in… yet her god calls her to proselytize to everyone and she sees no effing problem with that. Hypocrite much?

At about the 3:45 mark she begins criticizing the gods of other religions and calling them false. Yes, that’s right. She’s in a position to judge everyone else’ gods but atheists are not in any position to judge hers. Hypocrite much?

Okay I’m done… I can’t imagine that there is anything else in this video that rises above the level of intellect shown so far. If you find anything interesting please post in the comments.

GAH, my head hurts now.


  1. I’m sorry, but she has nothing on the genius of this, well, genius!


    • That guy has an excuse and while it’s not a good one it’s better than these clowns

      • Are those dicks for real? Surely that’s a parody. Please tell me that’s a parody… Please, MAL, please tell me….

        • It’s not a parody – they are that stupid

  2. Reblogged this on hitchens67 Atheism WOW!! Campaign.

    • Thanks for the reblog

      • Absolutely! Intelligent material always appreciated!

  3. These theists find it hard NOT to be ass clowns!

    • If only they could understand that they are assclowns

      • There are so very few who believe in their own tenets!

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