What Are You Worth? 6 Million Dollars?

Or maybe nothing at all. If I am to take my understanding of the world to its full conclusion it must be stated that you and I are worth nothing. We have no intrinsic value, none. Oh sure, you can sell a human for a couple thousand dollars or perhaps a genius or brilliant musical talent might be thought priceless – but that’s only because you’re not used to buying and selling humans. A dog with good breeding and training is worth maybe 5000 US Dollars. A healthy cow is worth several thousand dollars. See, we know what other life is worth, we just don’t want to put a price on humans. It’s a shame really because we put a price on them all the time, but we don’t use so many words.

Walk into a US Hospital with a big gash on your stomach, blood running freely. They’ll let you know what your life is worth. Do you have a disease? The big pharma companies will tell you what your life is worth. Oh, so you want a general value? Check the actuarial tables at your local insurance agent’s office. To live with all this and then declare that life has intrinsic value and worth is the highest hypocrisy. It is the worst of human evil putting on airs and graces. It is the pig putting on lipstick and pretending it is beautiful.


I’m kind of tired of religionists stating that humans have intrinsic value – yes, even insurance agent believers. Oh, they’ll cry at your funeral but when it comes time to go to war they will happily send you or your son to stand in harms way instead of them. That’s right, better your carcass than theirs on this day. Crying doesn’t hurt much and tomorrow they can forget all about how they wanted you or your son to go die in the name of country and honor. They know exactly how much a human life is worth – nothing. When it comes time to barter for a life they understand all too well that cheaper is better and free is the going price most of the time. Yep, harmless aunt Trudy, she barters lives away too.

Oh, of course they won’t see it that way. To them it is just the cost of freedom or some such drivel. Any excuse to not have to think about putting a price on the lives of thousands of other people. For many people, if  you’re begging on the street, your life isn’t worth a single dollar.

Now that we understand that, do you really think all those people give a flying fuck if you have a nice day? Maybe they do, right up to the point you forget to smile back at the required moment.

What are you worth? Nothing … and everyone knows it. They just won’t say it that way.

  1. I have to agree with you here

    • Yay Nihilism….

      • Don’t say that aloud, the religionists don’t like that word

        • meh! To most of them you are lost and worthless if you don’t believe the same fairy tale as they do. They judge my worth daily. Who needs ’em?

        • Nihilism is just a meaningless word.

          Sometime ago I went into a discussion with some blogger, and his only argument against “nihilism” was that it was the enemy of moral theory.

          • Did you slap that blogger with a huge cold fish? You should have. The only thing you accomplish by using the phrase ‘moral theory’ is proving that morality is only a theory… nihilism for the win.

            • I actually did. I replied that either nihilism or moral theory is true, and also said that his case for moral theory was based on a circular argument.

              • I did another post tonight about morality – kind of fits into this. Morality (the biblical kind) is no good if there is no one there to see you being moral. None of the monotheistic religious morality is of any value unless you are around other people.

                • The guy I was debating was an utilitarian, and not a traditional religious moralist. Though utilitarianism is a more sophisticated kind of moral philosophy, it’s still based on weak assumptions.

                  • The weakest of them is that we ‘should’ be moral… I never understand that argument. The strong survive is not just a meme, it’s evolution – sort of. Stepping outside of that comes with responsibility… if you want to save the weak, someone has to pay for it. I’m not saying that I’m against morality or paying to help the weak, I’m just saying that is how it is.

                    Most morality depends on doing so called good and not being the one that needs help. If you’re starving, stealing bread is a capital crime… because that is how morality works. Morality as defined by most folk demands socialism… but there is not much of that going on in the world.

                    • I would say that the weakest assumption of utilitarianism is the impossibility to prove that the interests of many indeed outweigh those of an particular individual.

                    • Utilitarianism is dead. There is no value in it because it relies on dead end values.. meh

                    • Indeed, and therefore I am not a utilitarian.

                    • You seemed lost in the philosophical for a time… perhaps you are not?

                    • I found my way back, since I am a moral noncognitivist (the position that moral statements has no truth value).

          • Hahaha… what the hell is “moral theory”?

            • Good question, but given the guy is an utilitarian; I think the question can be answered quite easily in this specific case. Not that I am convinced of the truth of the underlying assumptions of utilitarian moral theory.

              • You can quickly end any conversation with him by asking him to provide you with an example of a single moral truth; something that has remained universally true (and unchanged) in a timeless continuum.

                • How about: Mondays suck!

                • That would be an interesting thin to do, only utilitarians only have one single moral “truth”: maximizing the utility for the largest number. From that they derive all other “truths”, and that’s why it’s popular among philosphers. It provides morality a pseudo-mathematic aura. But of course the fundamental axiom of utilitarians can be taken into question, an egoist might wonder why (s)he should care about the interest of others in the first place.

                  • and monists wonder why there is even a question. We all seek best outcome for ourselves. Let the best outcome win. Anything else is a compromise.

  2. Here in the Netherlands we have political youth party, which has decided that a human live is worth 85,000 euros a year.

    • Is that compensation for the weather, or actual value? LOL

      • For the maximum amount of money we should spend to prolong your life with one year through healthcare.

        • Oh WOW. That’s kind of cool. It might not be the right value, but the actuality of making such a decision is cool. It states what everybody already knows… after so much effort, you’re on your own. Other countries just find other ways to say it. Here in the US they simply say you’ve reached the max pay out on your insurance plan. Here they have lifetime caps too.

          If it costs more than 85000/year, you cost too much… go somewhere nice and die! Awesome!!!!!!!! I mean that. In the US you’re fucking lucky to get 85000/year… they normally tell you to get lost before that if they can.

          • As far as I have understood the proposal, you also sure that if your treatment less than 85,000 you are sure you will get that treatment. So a significant source inequality is eliminated.

            • No, I like it. It’s common sense. There was a tradition among some indigenous Americans that when they got old and no longer useful to the tribe, they would wander off to the woods and die alone. It is an act of preservation of the society that helps keep it strong. Western religious based morality missed that point, even though they think they’re headed for better life after death… go figure

  1. September 25th, 2013

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