Groundhog Day… All Over Again

Twelve years ago some people did some incredibly stupid things. As a result, people died. Not just a few like on a redneck camping trip gone wrong or a group of dedicated individuals trying to find Santa’s house. We’re talking thousands of people. If  you add the almost 3000 people who died in NY on 9/11  that to the number of CHILDREN who died of starvation and starvation related illnesses that day, it totals up to 20,000 dead in one day … bumping the average death count of innocents up by less than 15%… for one day.

Children Die TooIt’s done and over. There is not one thing that any of us can do about it. Perhaps we can get together and try to stop our governments from spying on us. We can fix hunger related deaths. The WHO has a plan and they are not the only ones. Still, today there will be thousands of people trying to make a buck off the death of some people in NY rather than trying to stop the death of 17000 kids daily. Yes, today, yesterday and every day.

Religion and bad politics robbed us of safety, security, and our sense of realism. We worry over the dead instead of the living. We are bound to do this every year for a long time. The human race is truly fucked up sometimes.

Sure, if you knew someone who died that day there are bad memories but who among us does not know someone who has died. If you want to commemorate 9/11 I urge you to do so by donating to a charity working to end hunger. Worry about the living, not the long dead.

You can search to see who is raising funds for first responders and how hard the make the 9/11 play. Not all of them give even a penny to NYFD or their families. Stop worrying about the dead. Worry about the living, those that need your help and those that just want to take your money. Next year maybe you can make a big deal out of helping charities stop hunger. Let the dead rest…



  1. Upon much reflection, I think the permanent solution is the empowerment of women. Dismantling the power of misogynistic religion is a central battle.

    • I happen to agree with you almost completely. That would certainly change the world and the battle against hunger…

  2. A great supplication! You should provide suggested charities…

    • I thought about that, but I feel ‘not right’ if I don’t investigate and give background information on each… and in the end, it is up to each of us to know enough about the world to do a small part … I personally donate to Heifer as I like their model

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