Why Is It?

I’ve seen many things in this world. I’ve bathed in a fresh spring (cold) on a nudist beach, looked down on the world from Mount Olympus, dined in Tokyo, frolicked with the locals in Merman City, gambled on the coast of devastation (Haiti-Dominican Republic), watch the apes on 7 coasts, dined on the bestest fruit the planet has to offer.

I’ve seen the world from above the Himalayas and at the bottom of the Mariana’s trench. I’ve seen the world in ways that my great grandfather would never have dreamed. I have heard and spoken language he would not know. I have seen and done so many things… so many things that our education system is incapable of explaining. I am a lucky person. I get to pick and choose what parts of the world I want to interact with… it is not a dream for me. I choose to ignore parts or visit them. I talk with people who are on the other side of the planet as if they were right next to me. I have the powers that only gods had in times past. I am more powerful than many gods of ancient times.

When I saw the creatures living in the vents at the bottom of the oceans and the lighting firing backwards into space, I saw what no god nor religion ever predicted.

Why is that?

Science, it works bitches!

Religion has never given us something new. It only tells us what we can believe about what is discovered by science.

Ask your religious friend why god never mentioned hydrothermal vents, aids, swine flu or anything that science has done for us. Fuck religion. It has no answers.

  1. I like it! Next chance you get, ask a Christian to name something new or even marginally useful Jesus said. It’s quite an entertaining exercise, and if they say the Golden Rule then you may remind them that little piece of advice was first written down during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, 1700 BCE.

    • Have I ever told you how much I like the way you think John? LOL

  2. You are definitely back with a bang! Religion offers no answers and even its predictions are wrong. Good post

    • But the religions will bend their false predictions in such manner, that they can claim to be right!

  3. And this is why it’s important to challenge those who say faith-based beliefs do produce knowledge but of a different kind (assumed to be equivalent) to inform the claim and then demand that for the claim to stand it must be show how the knowledge is of a different kind.

    If my experience runs true to form for others, nothing but vitriolic diatribe will then follow. Nevertheless, this abject failure by the devout to show why the claim is demonstrably valid reveals why the method science and the method of religion are not, in spite of so many well-meaning peace seekers and self-addressed agnostics attempting to feel superior, compatible. They aren’t compatible methods whatsoever. One works. But if they were compatible, then the list of knowledge attainable only through faith-based beliefs should be long. It isn’t. It’s awaiting its first compelling entry. And this is why I like to end this type of challenge with the comment: This is a clue… so that people who read it cannot then claim in good conscience to still be clueless.

    • That’s hilarious! Clue dropping… LOL, I considered it slapping with a cold fish

  4. You have had an amazing life! I will have to read more of your blog.

    I think that if not for the great plagues of the Middle Ages religion would’ve died long before now. I do predict that eventually (maybe another 100 years) we will be free of organized religion. But free of the concept of god? I think some people just need to believe in something “magical” and call it “god.”

    • Evolution used to take care of this kind of thing… sigh. Survival pressure isn’t so demanding any more… I like how you think though, and thanks for the kind words.

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